How to incorporate gamification into HR

From recruiting to training and development, gamification is beginning to take its place in the world of human resources.

Simply put, gamification is the process of incorporating game elements like win-lose psychology, mechanics and fun design into non-gaming contexts, like hiring, training and engaging employees.

It is becoming a big business. A recent report on gamification by Markets and Markets predicted that the gamification industry will grow by 67 percent by 2018 when it will be worth an estimated $5.5 billion. But will it be big business in your business?

More and more gamification is creeping into the world of human resources professionals because of its potential to inspire engaged relationships among employees and its usefulness in behavior modification.

Some examples of gamification in HR include PwC ( for recruiting new employees to BunchBall ( and BadgeVille ( to engage and retain employees.

According to a Gallup research project, more than half (51 percent) of employees feel disengaged at work and 17.5 percent are actively disengaged. This is causing a crisis of innovation, creativity and production in the North American workplace. It is little wonder that human resources professionals are eagerly searching for any projects that might help their teams to re-engage with the purpose and objectives of the companies for which they work.

How can you incorporate this trend of gamification into your own human resource practice?


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Battling HR complacency

I spent the last several days attending conference sessions and picking the minds of HR professionals at the HCI Human Capital Summit in Orlando, Florida.

Among the more powerful sessions I witnessed — at least judging from the reaction of the crowd — was one called “The Art of Leadership,” by an artist named Erik Wahl. (It’s not surprising his talk was so popular — this was a guy who, while on stage dispersing words and stories of motivation, painted portraits of innovators Steve Jobs, Bono and Albert Einstein. Take a minute and Google his name; it’s very impressive.)

The thing is, Wahl isn’t in the industry, he was simply someone motivating a room of HR professionals. He did it so well that the crowd enthusiastically gave him a standing ovation.

 His simple but powerful message? Take risks, be creative, try new approaches and do not settle for complacency.

“Complacency is the architect of our future downfall,” he told a crowd of HR professionals. He urged them to think outside the box when considering employee management, how to engage employees and how to best optimize the workforce.

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Hiring Top Professionals from India

Regardless of the economy, the top performing professionals in any given domain are always in demand.  However, considering their capabilities they are mostly employed by some organization and generally are not looking for new opportunities. Hence, to gauge these performers and then to approach them professionally with a new and better job opportunity can only be done by a recruitment agency who has some experience and expertise in the recruitment business.

Every organization wants high performers as they have a better ROI and our self motivated; so they need little attention to help them attain their professional goals and the goals of the organization. Top performers can single handedly achieve more than thrice of a normal performer and in this age of cut throat competition they inevitably are the differentiating factor between the success of an organization.

If high performing professionals are so much in demand that the companies they are associated with do their best to engage with them and retain them so that they perform for them and not their competitors. There are various incentives and perks that are offered to high performing employees of the company to gain their trust and prevent them from leaving an organization. However, monetary benefits are not the only factor that appeals to employees and especially to top professionals. Hence, a recruitment consultant should know a top performing players motivation factors to help him seek better options that matches his ambitions and requirements to that of a potential organization.

With more than 20 Years of experience in recruitment domain we can confidently say that top driving factor that a top performers looks for an organization is the “Confidence in Organization’s Future” and a top performer aligns his professionals goals to that of the organization’s goals if he truly believes in the success of the organization or the work that he is doing. It’s important for a top performer to know his place in the scheme of things and how he/she plays a critical path in the success of the organization.

Top performers, second most important factor to continue to work with an organization is that which supports “work/life balance”. An organization that supports and encourages work/life balance makes it easier for top performers to stay engaged and they are able to perform much better when at work.  There are many ways organizations can balancing these competing demands, for example; work from home when needed; providing accommodation near the office to minimize travel time or offering flexible timings. It’s important for an organization to know what appeals to the top performer and how it can help him/her focused on his/her work.

Another important factor that is important in attracting top performers to international assignments is Safety. Safety is a critical aspect either while working at a construction site or at an office. However, this aspect takes more importance of international placements as one tends to move away from his/her comfort zone provided by being in the native country. Hence, top performers are more confident and engaged while working with an organization that makes safety a priority.

An experienced and talented recruitment consultant can help not only identify top performers in a domain but can also relate to the factors that drive top performers to align their goals with that of an organization that can provide them a better alternative to their existing organization. By doing this, a recruiter is not only helping an organization find the top talent available but is also contributing to the career growth of the employee also by providing him better opportunities to showcase his talent.

If you are an organization looking for top professionals from India then we at MM Enterprises can help you find the right talent for your organization.

10 Reasons Why MM Enterprises is considered a Top Recruiter

Manpower has always been an integral and one of the most important resources for the development of an organization and in today’s highly complex and competitive situation the kind of talent an organization retains and attracts is becoming even more critical. Employee who have been selected after a thorough screening process to match with the organization needs and requirements not only contributes to the efficient running of the organization but also significantly contributes to the overall revenue generation of the organization. Hence, it is of utmost importance to determine and choose the right talent for an organization growing needs.

Following are 10 reasons why MM Enterprises, an Indian government authorized recruitment consultants are considered to be the top international recruiter:

1. Professionalism: Being in recruitment business for more than 20 Years, MM Enterprises was one of the first companies in India to bring professionalism in the recruitment business in India. The complete recruitment cycle is driven by processes that help MM Enterprises screen the best of talent for your organization.
2. Understanding Clients Needs: Recruiting business is more of a science where a clear understanding of clients needs is a critical aspect before scouting for potential candidates. A great recruiter would not only understand the clients’ requirements but also its underlying need to help find the right talent for the organization.
3. Building Relationships: More than anything else, recruiting is peoples businesses, where you are dealing with people and not commodities and hence it’s very important to build relationships but only with your clients but also with candidate that you are planning to recruit. Building relationships helps not only cuts the ice but also helps in understanding a candidate overall personality and how it fits with the potential recruiter organization culture.
4. Discretion: Discretion is the cornerstone of recruiting business and MM Enterprises prides itself of the high standards of Discretion policies that it has rigorously followed since last 20 Years. Discretion is important not only from candidate’s perspective but also from client’s perspective as it helps in guarding their manpower strategies from its competitors.
5.       Indian Government Authorized Recruiter: Being an Indian government authorized recruiter speaks about MM Enterprises credibility and experience as it has also been awarded ISO certification by Indian government.

6.       Self Motivated and Enjoy Recruiting: MM Enterprises recruitment consultants are self motivated individuals that do not see recruiting as a monotonous and repetitive business but rather as a new challenge every time that they need to overcome. They are relationship driven individuals that understand their clients’ needs and match it with the best talent. Our recruitment consultants derive satisfaction when they see a perfect fit between organization and candidates.

7.       Great at Networking and Building Connections: MM Enterprises has strong networking in the recruitment domain and has built strong connections in the course of 20 Years of being in the recruitment domain that most of our new business is either a repeat business or a referral from our existing clients.

8.       Domain Centric Recruitment Consultants: MM Enterprises have various domain specific recruiting consultants that helps us analyze candidates technical expertise along with the overall personality of the candidate.
9.       Provide Organization with Better Opportunities: MM Enterprises has helped organization run their complete HR department from not only providing new recruitment but also analyze the current manpower and plan the recruitment needs along with the organization target plan.

10.   Doing Quality Business rather than Quantitative: MM Enterprises takes pride in doing quality business where they completely understand the client requirements and screen the best possible talent that a company can expect from India in a suitable time frame rather than quantitative business without a suitable timeline as we understand the importance of right manpower to an organization and also the right organization for a candidate.

If you have any recruitment needs from India, then please do give MM Enterprises a try as we are confident that your experience with us would be best.

Luxury Recruitment Services from India

Luxury is an intangible as it has no specific line, price, quality or quantity that can define anything to be luxurious. However, like many intangible attributes luxury can be recognized when we experience it just like power and fame. If we dig deeper, we note that though there is no key factor that differentiates luxury apart from the experience which is often more than the sensory experience but also the feeling of class and often power that are associated with the luxury experience. If power, class and prestige are the accompanying attributes of luxury then it is better to keep it rare and within a reach of select few to make the experience more worthwhile and hence you see most luxurious things are for the super rich that can afford to buy these experiences.


The surge of luxury industry recruitment is primarily driven currently from Middle East, with Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait being the leader and followed closely by European countries. The demand is also varied across the countries as Middle East prefers Vintage Cars, designer jewellery and luxury real estate sales recruitment demands whereas European countries prefer hand embroidery, fashion designers and jewellery artists as the recruitment demands from India.


With luxury being such a niche and targeted segment, the recruiters who recruit for the luxury industry need to be very stringent in the kind of talent they use to market or sell their product or services. A recruiter should not only at the obvious of experience and qualifications but should also draw upon his/her experience to choose the right candidate to make a successful employee.


Some of the industries that are considered to be a part of luxury recruitment segment are, Sales of high end automobiles, Recruitment for Cruise Ships, High end Retail Staffing, Fashion designers, Jewellery designers. There has been a surge in demand for these sector from India, considering the overall quality and diverse manpower options provided by India due to its diversity in population. Further, India itself is in the beginning stages of experiencing the luxury segment that is taking shape in India with easing of Indian market many high end luxury brands opening their shops in India to cater to the growing high net worth individuals whose demand for luxury experience is on the rise which has provided ample opportunity for job seekers to work on these segment to gain the relevant experience.


Luxury Recruitment India


Further, Luxury recruitment from India is also on the rise considering the English language proficiency among educated Indians is highest and which also comes at an economical price compared to other alternatives from around the world. Having said this, a luxury recruitment agency in India should not only have the past experience in the luxury sector where the recruitment has to be done but also it should be updated with the latest trends in that sector so that it can screen the candidates proficiently. This can be done wither by aligning with the various publications associated with that industry or by attending seminars and shows that are organized for that sector across the world.

Another important aspect that a luxury recruitment services provider in India should bear in mind is the attrition rate in the luxury industry is of utmost importance as any client facing employee main role is building and maintaining client relationships and any sudden or undue attrition is considered to be a bad for the luxury brand image and success.

A successful luxury recruitment company should strive to understand the client’s requirement clearly and objectively so that it can then start the scouting of the right candidate to meet the client’s requirements as luxury is the sector which though cater to a very small segment but it’s still in the mind of a lot many because its looked up for inspiration and awe.

How to get prepared for overseas job?


The desire to work abroad is seen in professionally hungry people. But before jumping on to a decision of dreaming to grab a job overseas the candidate should get themselves ready with a few physical things which are discussed below.

1)      The Valid Passport – The candidate should have a valid passport. The passport number is highly important before applying for any overseas job.

2)      Importance of IELTS or TOEFL scores – If the candidate is from any ESL country and applying for a job in any EFL country then the person who is applying for overseas has to take a few tests like IELTS or TOEFL and put the score in the application. Such score remains valid only for a year or so and within that period of time the overseas application would be granted. Such score would help the overseas company to understand the applicant’s proficiency in the language.

3)      Attestation of Educational Certificates – With the score come the educational qualifications of the applicants. The applicant should duly attest all the educational certificates from HRD and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).  The candidate should authenticate the highest degree from the regional HRD and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in advance so that the applicant if selected by the overseas company could join the company without any delay.

4)      Proper Medical Check-ups – There should be proper medical check-ups done by the candidate from the authorized medical centre. Such reports should be duly stamped with authentication and should be submitted before the issue of visa. Duly stamped report is essential for this purpose.

5)      Emigration – The candidates should check their passports in advance. They need to show their passports in order to get the Emigration Clearance Certificate. This Emigration Clearance Certificate is essentially required in order to travel overseas. If that certificate is not possessed by the candidate beforehand then there would be unnecessary delay in joining the overseas company.

How to make tailor made Resume

The resume is the summary of your academic and professional world which a company would check for selecting its candidates. It is an important part which on reading any HR or any consultancy understands the candidate virtually. After that the company decides whether to call the candidate for the interview or not. So it is important from the part of the candidate to include all information in the resume. The candidate has to remember the undergraduate and postgraduate days and even the formative years in order to remember every activity where the candidate participated and honored either by the institution or by the community. With the highest academic degree attained by the candidate along with the co-curricular activities participated and honored, he or she should then focus on the previous jobs held whether paid or unpaid and the responsibilities already handled.

After this recollection process is over then the focus would be on the application of the present job. It is important to know that the job you are applying for would allow you to answer all questions related to the job during interview. So the basic understanding of the nature of the job is highly important while answering the professional questions. It should focus on the present job and the achievement.  This could only help the candidate in landing on to a job. To whom the candidate reports and why he is search of a job should be clearly mentioned.

But after the inclusion of the job-related details, the candidate should include the list of skills which he or she possesses. They are like the number of languages the candidate could speak and write the computer programs that the candidate could handle and learn quickly and efficiently as per the need of the company should be properly mentioned in the whole resume. Since resume is basically a way of selling oneself to an employer so the tailor made resume should have the candidate’s strength and weakness where a company would look a candidate’s positive resources in details. Last but not the least comes the salary part where the candidate should mention its current salary and the expected salary. References at the end should be there for allowing companies to check verifications.

What is the difference between paid and unpaid recruitment consultancy?

What is the difference between paid and unpaid recruitment consultancy?

Unpaid recruitment consultancy is an amateur agency. When as an employer you are searching wildly your employees for your organization for the very important positions of your business in order to drive profit and run your business then you cannot just rely on these unpaid consultancy firms. These unpaid consultancy firms take money from the candidates and so they send anybody and everybody for any vacant position available in any organization without judging candidate’s skills and abilities. They do not study the need of the organization.

But paid consultant firms are totally different. They would take the first, second or even third round of interviews of the candidates before presenting them to the employer. They make research on your organization. For the positions remaining vacant they would prepare customized questions regarding the psychometric tests. The psychometric tests would provide a clear indication of the candidates’ problem solving skills, communicative ability, his application of wit in handling situational problems and dealing the situation in one’s own way. All these suggest the candidate’s intellectual competency. If the organization goes through the results of the psychometric tests, then at least an organization can understand some of the basic skills required to drive the organization.

Depending on the amount you as an employer paying to the consultancy firms, they can make further tests on the candidate’s competency like holding a telephonic interview before calling them for the group interviews or group discussions. The test on general knowledge, the candidate’s analytical skill like drawing conclusions and writing something very coherently like expressing a thought are some f the essential qualities which an employer looks for a responsible post in his organization. There might be many competing for the same post but to choose the creamy candidate for your organization you need to take the help of a paid recruiting consultancy firm.


How to screen potential candidates?

How to screen potential candidates?

Out of so many applications that a company receives for a single post is amazing. To screen the right candidate from immense applications is tough for the interviewer in the company. Finding the right candidate for your company is vital for the success of your business. These are the things that you can do to pre-screen candidates.

  1. Doing telephone screening tests


While screening the candidate over phone it helps to get a fair idea about the candidate’s experience, qualifications, and location preferences of the workplace and the expectation of the salary.

Some questions like:

a)      What is your expectation of salary? How much would you consider as minimum salary for this job?

b)      If you are interested for the drug test or any other background check etc.

c)       What is the reason behind leaving your job?


  1. Checking background for the candidates


Checking the salary slips of the prior company including the appointment letter, verifying the academic credentials, discussing references and checking criminal background are the most popular ways of screening the candidates.


  1. Credit reports


The company could screen candidates on the basis of the credit-related matters as handled by the candidate in being in his previous company. His tax report or he is a bankrupt would give the pertinent information about the candidate’s financial background.


  1. Drug tests


Potential global employers of maintain certain principles in order to keep their workplace clean and vertical. By doing the drug tests these employers keep their workplace protective from illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana and even alcohol. Such tests abstain from the drug abusers joining in their workplace.


  1. Tests on integrity


Integrity tests help to find out how honest and trustworthy a candidate is. After all, today’s candidate would be tomorrow’s leader in the organization. The candidate would come to know many secrets about the company. So the questions like whether a candidate is interested in going for parties/get-togethers during workweek or how prompt he/she is in delivery unfolds a character of his side.



How to check the intellectual competencies in the recruitment process?

How to check the intellectual competencies in the recruitment process?

Companies check resumes with academic qualifications, degrees and proper experience of the candidates before recruiting them. Their accolades with achievements would reveal their abilities in handling different matters of the new company. Their competency would depend on their common sense and linguistic ability in communicating the right and the necessary things required by the company amongst the people working in the same organization. Understanding the right thing and transferring the thought in the right manner down the line is the required intellectual competency in the organization.

Such intellectual competency cannot be achieved by checking only the results of the candidate. It could be checked by putting the candidate in the real situation test. The questions would be so asked as if the candidate is working in the organization and he faces a problem. His problem-solving attitude, his way of handling people in the organization and above all his way of communication whether he has wit or not all could be tested which reveals the candidates’ intellectual competencies. Only depending on results or scores of the candidates cannot help any recruiter to assess their intellectual competency. Their IQ test could only determine their intellectual competency.

Not the only aspect of intellectual competency depends on the problem solving skills. Another aspect is the creativity to be displayed in the organization. Creativity, analytical skills, writing a coherent paragraph all could not be achieved over video resumes. Group discussions, asking intellectual questions, information they have on reading newspapers, magazines or any other management books are all the aspects of intellectual competencies. Such test would also put the candidates into the leadership quality or leadership check. Only intellectual conversations or the candidate’s quoting a few sentences read from different books cannot suggest that they have abilities in handling problems and different situations. All these tests could only bring out their intellectual competency.