How to get prepared for overseas job?


The desire to work abroad is seen in professionally hungry people. But before jumping on to a decision of dreaming to grab a job overseas the candidate should get themselves ready with a few physical things which are discussed below.

1)      The Valid Passport – The candidate should have a valid passport. The passport number is highly important before applying for any overseas job.

2)      Importance of IELTS or TOEFL scores – If the candidate is from any ESL country and applying for a job in any EFL country then the person who is applying for overseas has to take a few tests like IELTS or TOEFL and put the score in the application. Such score remains valid only for a year or so and within that period of time the overseas application would be granted. Such score would help the overseas company to understand the applicant’s proficiency in the language.

3)      Attestation of Educational Certificates – With the score come the educational qualifications of the applicants. The applicant should duly attest all the educational certificates from HRD and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).  The candidate should authenticate the highest degree from the regional HRD and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in advance so that the applicant if selected by the overseas company could join the company without any delay.

4)      Proper Medical Check-ups – There should be proper medical check-ups done by the candidate from the authorized medical centre. Such reports should be duly stamped with authentication and should be submitted before the issue of visa. Duly stamped report is essential for this purpose.

5)      Emigration – The candidates should check their passports in advance. They need to show their passports in order to get the Emigration Clearance Certificate. This Emigration Clearance Certificate is essentially required in order to travel overseas. If that certificate is not possessed by the candidate beforehand then there would be unnecessary delay in joining the overseas company.