How to screen potential candidates?

How to screen potential candidates?

Out of so many applications that a company receives for a single post is amazing. To screen the right candidate from immense applications is tough for the interviewer in the company. Finding the right candidate for your company is vital for the success of your business. These are the things that you can do to pre-screen candidates.

  1. Doing telephone screening tests


While screening the candidate over phone it helps to get a fair idea about the candidate’s experience, qualifications, and location preferences of the workplace and the expectation of the salary.

Some questions like:

a)      What is your expectation of salary? How much would you consider as minimum salary for this job?

b)      If you are interested for the drug test or any other background check etc.

c)       What is the reason behind leaving your job?


  1. Checking background for the candidates


Checking the salary slips of the prior company including the appointment letter, verifying the academic credentials, discussing references and checking criminal background are the most popular ways of screening the candidates.


  1. Credit reports


The company could screen candidates on the basis of the credit-related matters as handled by the candidate in being in his previous company. His tax report or he is a bankrupt would give the pertinent information about the candidate’s financial background.


  1. Drug tests


Potential global employers of maintain certain principles in order to keep their workplace clean and vertical. By doing the drug tests these employers keep their workplace protective from illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana and even alcohol. Such tests abstain from the drug abusers joining in their workplace.


  1. Tests on integrity


Integrity tests help to find out how honest and trustworthy a candidate is. After all, today’s candidate would be tomorrow’s leader in the organization. The candidate would come to know many secrets about the company. So the questions like whether a candidate is interested in going for parties/get-togethers during workweek or how prompt he/she is in delivery unfolds a character of his side.