Tips for Video Interview

Calm down your nerves, be confident, smile professionally, maintain eye contact etc are some of the well-known recommendations that every job aspirant is being given at the time of facing an interview. In the present era of digitalization where everything is just a click away from us, how could the employers be left behind. To skip the cost of transportation and other expenses, various global companies have initiated the process of screening the candidates on video calls. Here are some of the basic tips that an interviewee should block in his head before facing any job interview through video call:

Be ready with all technical settings

No matter whether you are a tech savvy chap or not, you still need to check all technical settings of your web cam, microphone and computer to make sure that the video and audio will remain clear at the time of interview. This should be rechecked before attending video interview else uncertain technical glitches may come across at the crucial time and hinder the procedure of interview.

Make your surroundings presentable

Do not make a wrong notion that the interviewers will ignore the surroundings around you in video call. Keeping the room visually attractive would explicitly add a feather to your performance. Moreover, the chaotic and jumbled surroundings would distract the attention of the interviewers and make them believe how mismanaged candidate you are. Well, no employer wants his employee to be disorderly and unprofessional as this directly implies that he won’t be able to manage the things perfectly.

Dress perfectly to grab the attention

Though video interviews won’t let the interviewers to see your full posture, you need to be dressed perfectly to get the professional feel. For the sake of flaunting your super cool attitude in front of your mates, you may tell them that you did it pants less but doing it in actual is a little awkward and strongly discouraged.

Choose a confined room for interview

Do not here think of maintaining pin drop silence that may remind you of your school days. However, unnecessary distractions may disturb the flow of interview and add a negative point in your kitty. Ensure that the room should be free from annoying background sounds and the interviewers need not to trouble their ear drums much to hear you. All in all, both the parties should be audible to each other.

Prepare yourself to face the camera

The best part of video interview is that you can always go for the video recording and see how it looks. With this, you may self assess your performance and find the room for improvement. Make it a point that preparation is quite important to crack any job interview. The more you practice, the more you learn from your mistakes.

Be careful about your posture

Note that video interview is even more critical than face to face one as a lot of things need to be taken care of. One of them is your posture. Sitting casually without any professional gesture would lay an adverse impact on the interviewers. Also ensure that your eye contact is maintained properly and your attention is undivided.

Ensure proper lighting

Let your face be clearly visible to the interviewers by putting the light behind the computer. Imagine how unprofessional it would look if your face is not illuminated due to some kind of shadow or dim light. Never let such thing happen and arrange for a proper lighting. You may also make your face radiant by setting it with face powder, no matter whether you are a male or a female.