Do you know about the International recruitment process?

Do you know about the International recruitment process?

International recruitment process is quite a daunting one and involves several steps. The employers in various countries approach to the reputed international recruitment agencies and exhibit the job requirements in detail. The professional recruiters then exert themselves to source the right talent for the international employers. The screening procedure is quite critical as the recruiters bend over backward to explore the candidates who are not only suitable for the business but also ready to cope up with the international labour laws. Let’s learn some facts about international recruitment process:

Apprehending the needs of the employers

The international recruiters first try to understand the requirements of the companies before sourcing the labour. Getting clarity over the expectations of the employers from the candidates is quite significant for the smooth recruitment process. For instance, the company restricts the recruiters to shortlist only those aspirants with five or more years of experience in the field.

Screening the candidates

Considering the demand of the employers and their job specifications, the candidates are shortlisted. This can be done through various professional and social media networking channels. The acclaimed recruiters have the data of a wide range of high profile candidates who can better provide the genuine references. The qualifications, experience, skills and other things are well verified during the process of short listing. Sometimes the recruiters also test the personality and language skills of the candidates.

Interview and final placement

The recruiters schedule the interview on video or audio call as per the instructions of the employers and communicate the things positively. Even if there are multiple stages of interview, the professional recruitment agencies update the candidate about each step.

Terms and conditions of the international brand

The international companies have a different set of terms and conditions that the employees need to follow. It is the prime duty of the recruiters to well convey them to the selected candidates and explain everything clearly.

Work permit

The recruiters make proper arrangements for the documentation to work in overseas locations under the guidance of employers. The candidates need not to take the pain for employment documents and work permit as long as the efficient recruiters exist.

Accommodation and other arrangements

After selection of the candidate, the initial arrangements for air ticket, accommodation, medical verification etc will be made by the recruiters. Note that international companies provide every logistics assistance to the candidates but understanding the same from the scratch is a bit difficult and this is where the recruiters have an expertise.

Orientation program for the selected candidates

All about the work culture, location information, role specifications and other profile related training come under orientation programs. The employers generally give the onus of conducting proper orientation programs to the recruiters.

The above mentioned steps define all about the process of international recruitment. To encourage the appropriate procedure, the candidates and employers should opt for the most competent and acclaimed recruitment agency with vast experience of rendering international recruitment services.