Battling HR complacency

I spent the last several days attending conference sessions and picking the minds of HR professionals at the HCI Human Capital Summit in Orlando, Florida.

Among the more powerful sessions I witnessed — at least judging from the reaction of the crowd — was one called “The Art of Leadership,” by an artist named Erik Wahl. (It’s not surprising his talk was so popular — this was a guy who, while on stage dispersing words and stories of motivation, painted portraits of innovators Steve Jobs, Bono and Albert Einstein. Take a minute and Google his name; it’s very impressive.)

The thing is, Wahl isn’t in the industry, he was simply someone motivating a room of HR professionals. He did it so well that the crowd enthusiastically gave him a standing ovation.

 His simple but powerful message? Take risks, be creative, try new approaches and do not settle for complacency.

“Complacency is the architect of our future downfall,” he told a crowd of HR professionals. He urged them to think outside the box when considering employee management, how to engage employees and how to best optimize the workforce.

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