5 Tips for Web cam interview process

5 Tips for Web cam interview process
1. While taking the interview over skype the interviewer should follow certain tips. Before the interview schedule the interviewer should be sure of the downloaded apparatus with proper username and password. The space should have adequate light and not disturbed by anyone.
2. The interviewer should research about the candidate’s resume. There should be a ready preparation of the questions to be asked on the basis of the resume. Whether a candidate knows about job requirements or the role in the company is to be checked by the interviewer through various questions. Even if he does not know how far the candidate would be ready to learn things faster, that is the candidate’s grasping power all need to be tested through the interviews.
3. On-screen interviews should have the eye-contact with the candidate. The interviewer can judge a candidate’s answer if he gets a well-thought of answer and a surface-level answer. Whether the candidate is positive or not and if he is ready to take up challenges or not could be judged through the body language of the candidate.
4. The candidate’s interest in the organization can be tested if the interviewer asks some of the following questions like-
a) What is the most typical quality required in order to be successful in the applied position?
b) Do you know about the typical day in the company?
c) Do you know how to get hold of the person if you have any questions afterward?
5. The interviewer as the employer in the organization should be ready with some questions like the following:
a) Why do you want to work in this organization?
b) Please tell us something about yourself where you have succeeded and failed.
c) What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
d) Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?
e) Why will this organization hire you?

Only from these answers the interviewer could get some fair idea about the candidates’ general knowledge and his communicative power.