Fake Candidates – Recruitment Agency and their Clients Nightmare

If you happen to have any HR friends who in recruitment domain or any recruitment consultants then you might have heard their horror stories about various fake resources that get themselves placed in the company.  A fake resource, in simple terms is the one that has manipulated the recruitment process by either using fake experience or fake certificates and in worst cases having someone else who is technically to attend interviews on their behalf and later join the company.

While it is an accepted fact that we cannot simply eliminate this practice because it is impossible to ascertain beyond a doubt about candidates past credentials and working knowledge. However, recruitment consultants and HR departments can have various measures and processes in place that can help minimize these instances in their organization.

The following are some of the steps that I have seen in practice by MM Enterprises, an Indian government authorized recruitment consultants in India where I have worked for 5 Years.

  1. Scouting of Candidates – Testing the Resume: This is the time when recruiters start scouting for the right resource based on client’s requirements. In this process they take help of their own candidate’s databases and also scout for candidates through ads and their associates. During this time, the only item that a recruiter has to scrutinize the candidates is on the basis of their resumes or CV’s.  Following are some the information that is mostly found in fake candidates:

a. Personal Information Missing: It is often the case that you would find only their Email address and telephone number mentioned in the resume and they do not give a clear idea of their identity.

b.To many Skills mentioned: If a candidate claims to be an expert at C/C++, Python, Photoshop, Dreamweaver along with the advanced knowledge of oil refining process used in middle east then it’s a sure red flag and you need to be more careful while interviewing this resource.

2. First Interview with the Candidate via phone: After short listing all the potential candidates on the basis of their compatibility with the given job description by the client you schedule the first interview with the candidates and following are the things to keep in mind to minimize fake resources getting through:

a. Phone number: Please make sure the interview is conducted on the same phone number that is mentioned on the CV.

b. Tell them the Interview is being recorded: No matter if you have the technology or not, you can mention this time at the time of telephonic interview so that the candidate knows that he cannot employ a dummy at the time of F2F interview.

3.Analyzing a Fake Prospective Candidate VS a Serious Candidate: It is becoming  quite popular these days to apply for new jobs and try to receive an offer letter from the new company with the promise of joining it but only too show the new offer letter to their existing  HR department and demanding salary hikes or the threat to resign. These candidates are the hardest to make out but an experienced recruiter can easily spot these imposters based on their body language and their interpersonal skills and can help save not only their valuable time but also their client’s time.

4.The Final Interview: After you are all set to call the candidate for the final interview, please take a close note on all the following things that will help you identify a fake candidature:

a Mandatory Face to Face Meeting or Video Interview: Please mention it categorically that you would be conducting a F2F meeting before finalizing the position. If the candidate does not agree or gives explanations, try to validate them and if found true offer a web based video interview.

b. Photo ID proof at the time of Interview: Ask them to carry a photo ID proof at the time of F2F meeting.

c. Legal Documents: Please tell them to carry Xerox copy of legal documents like experience letter, salary slips and other details at the time of interview.

These are only some of the processes that MM Enterprises follows to ensure that all its candidates are genuine and the client gets the best talent according to its needs.

Telecom Engineers Recruitment Agency in India

The typical life of telecommunications engineers involves working with designers, managers, company architects to understand the various technical needs of towers and buildings. Along with that many of them work in close association with vendors and customers and help them with their phone services. Since it is the age of telecom, most students prefer to get a professional degree in this field. This means that the numbers of engineers are ever on the rise. There is stiff competition in Indian and abroad with respect to jobs prospects. Most of the engineers opt for a telecom engineers recruiting agency to lay their hands on the best possible offer available in the market. Since, the number of companies in this field is rather high as compared to other industrial sectors, going through a recruiting agency helps as they have the requisite information to suit the candidate’s profile. The entire process of hiring involves application submission followed by rounds on interview, judgment process with respect to the candidate’s fitness to the work profile and then ending with training and  placement. The application process in itself gives opportunity to the candidate to express his achievement, professional experience, academic credentials and his aspirations in future.

The telecom engineers recruiting agency also helps in the preliminary selection round. This ensures that those who are fit for the job only gets to meet the company HR. The preliminary test revolves around telephonic interviews, online tests, email interactions etc. Those who cross this barrier get to meet the company representatives for the final selection round that involves professional grasp on the subject, personality and psychometric tests. In this way, it is win-win situation for both the recruiter and the recruitee. These recruiting agencies like MM Enterprises help the candidates by providing them job leads that fits their background and also helps the recruiting firms by sending only those candidates who fit the bill.

Recruitment Scenario in Kuwait

It would not be wrong to state that worldwide economic crisis has greatly affected major industries, including construction because of which several countries have cut down their recruitment rates.  However, certain areas across the globe, particularly Middle East remains a viable option for those who are looking forward for employment abroad. Middle East agencies have been lately employing people for different jobs including engineering sector and other sectors.

As per the researches undertaken by Kuwait National Bank, countries like Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman indicate that job opportunities will continue being generated in upcoming years to come. Though recession has a big impact on financial, information and construction, technology industries in UAE continue to flourish. Job markets in Kuwait remain vibrant because of the ongoing and planned projects.

So many companies in Kuwait plan to expand their business by recruiting enhanced numbers of employees. Some of the agencies are known to review skills of the applicants so as to provide them with exact jobs they want. Such agencies also help applicants to work on their resumes so that they can get enhanced numbers of candidates.  Such agencies also help candidates with their resumes so they can attract good companies. It is essential for the employees work with the agencies in order to get accepted and recruited as a serious candidate. For the employment of applicants, recruitment agencies in Kuwait are known to advertise job openings and potential candidates. One of the biggest advantages in the services supplied by Kuwait recruiters is that they additionally offer visa services.

It is essential for the candidates to possess visa in order to work in another country.  Thus most of the recruitment agencies in Kuwait render visa services for making it easier for the clients to transit from one place to another.  Since Kuwait-based agencies often recruit people from outside, they often works with visa service agencies.

Recruitment Agencies in India – The Ideal Process of Recruitment

Recruitment Agencies in India – The Ideal process of recruitment

Finding the right recruitment agency from India can be a daunting task, whether you are looking for an entry-level worker, a manager, or an executive staff, you must need to ensure that the recruitment agency you are placing your trust upon can deliver upto your expectations. India having an enormous manpower potential there are a lot of recruitment agencies that have popped up in every nook and corner to satisfy the insatiable demand of Indian manpower. Hence, it is very important for business owners and clients to ensure that they are able to scout for the right agency from India that can handle their manpower requirements.

Apart from being authorized by Government of India, we highlight the recruitment process that should be followed by a professional recruitment agency to ensure that it does justice to the work it is meant to do:

1. Client Need and Requirements Analysis:

This is the most important and unfortunately the most neglected part in most of the recruitment agencies around the world.  A client sometimes is concerned with the end results and hence his/her requirement might be different from the needs of the organization. Therefore, as a professional recruitment consultant it is very important to now only “listen to clients requirements” but also understand the underlying needs to make sure that requirements are met. This understanding comes from Years of experience and through knowledge of the clients business to enable a consultant to differentiate between the needs and the requirements of clients.

2. Documentation of your understanding about the Analysis:

Documentation is a vital part to enable a proper understanding between the client and the consultant. It is important that the client and the consultant are on the same page before the research for the right talent is initiated. One should ensure that this documentation, defines the client requirements and the demands of the specific project as well as the background of the company and the country so that one understands the cultural background of the job.  This ensures that you only get the best talent but also the right talent according to the situation.

3. Scouting and Researching the Right Talent:

A professional recruitment agency integrates insightful knowledge with technology to ensure a meaningful and objective research to find the right talent. Apart from this, competitor analysis and marketplace understanding is also critical in the hiring needs so that you are one step ahead of the competition.

4. Recognition and Assessment of the Talent:

For the recognition and assessment of the right talent a professional recruitment agency must have professional consultants that can recognize the right talent according to your industry needs. Hence, knowledge about a client business is of imperative importance while recognizing the right talent. Further, India being a diverse country its important for a professional recruitment agency to understand the role of geographical and culture plays in the recruitment process. For example, candidates from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh are more likely to join a company in Canada and Europe compared to Middle East.

5. Presenting and knowledge transfer about the Candidate:

After the completion of recognition and assessment of the talent, a professional recruitment agency provides a thorough knowledge transfer about the shortlisted candidates including the technical and function proficiencies of the candidates according to the understanding of the requirement analysis.  Further, it is important to mention inter personal skills of the candidates and the ability to work in a team environment.

6. Due Diligence of the Candidates:

After the knowledge transfer and shortlisted candidates, professional recruitment consultants must do a thorough reference check of the shortlisted candidates to ensure your trust while recruiting and the seriousness of working of a recruitment agency. A professional recruitment agency should not work on short term sales objectives but should strive to build long term business relationship that has the trust and the acceptance to last it through.

Sales Engineers Growing Demand Worldwide

Sales engineers are in demand these days; they are picking up higher salaries than any engineer having comparable experience and qualifications. Sales engineers are the ones who are able to convert a brand new technical product, application or service into a successful sale for the company. Hence, a sales engineer not only commands an impeccable technical knowledge but also marketing and sales skills as he is the one who is directly responsible for the revenue generation of the company.

As there has been a very distinct rise in the demand for sales engineer, along with an handsome compensation plus sales incentives,  a sales engineer is becoming a highly sought after job, where one has to travel from place to place attending meetings with the clients and making sales pitches.

A sales engineer is required to be richly skilled in communication skills and analytical skills. He/ She must possess enough confidence and convincing power. A recruitment agency is the one which will make you aware of the eligibility criteria set forth by the companies. A technical sales recruitment company is a guiding lamp which lays out precise steps to lead you to various MNC’s that are looking for sales engineers. They provide you with the necessary training and prepare you for the interviews so that you are equipped to handle the interview well.

There is also an added advantage of joining a recruitment agency as you don’t have to spend your valuable time in looking out for job openings as a recruitment agency is aware of various openings and also can educate you that if the required opening suits your experience and educational background. Further, they make you comfortable with the work environment after your placement and also help you in various ways post your successful recruitment.

As previously mentioned, technical sales engineers mix technical knowledge with sales skills to provide advice and support on a range of technical services, products or applications. The clients that use the services of technical sales representatives are into highly specialized and scientific fields and to sell anything to them one need to be technically competent to explain the client about the various technical aspects of the product/service one is pitching for. Hence, technical sales representative most know the product thoroughly to make the right sale.

Apart from the sales aspect, technical sales engineers also play a pivotal role in after sales support to clients and are in regular touch with their clients even after the sale has been done. They liaise regularly with other members of the operations team and colleagues from various departments, such as research, development, design, purchasing, production and quality to name a few.

Generally, for any Technical Sales Engineer tasks typically involve:

  • searching for potential clients who might benefit from the services offered by him. One can search for potential clients by sustained marketing activities like attending trade shows, conferences and supplementary marketing events;
  • understanding client requirements and how the product/service he is offering would benefit the cleint
  • persuading clients that a product or service best satisfies their needs in terms of quality, price and delivery;
  • negotiating tender and contract terms and conditions to meet both client and company needs;
  • calculating client quotations and administering client accounts;
  • developing long-term associations with clients via managing and interpreting their requirements;
  • providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education, and after-sales support services;
  • analyzing costs and sales;

Complete knowledge and responsibility of all the technical aspects of the sale is critical for a successful sale and the working of the parent company.

If you are willing to have this technical role carried out in the context of the company’s sales process and also you are willing to work extra hard, travel an extra mile and put in an extra hour of effort than this profile would not only be financially satisfying but also act as a catalyst to boost your career progress.

MM Enterprises, engineering and technical consultant’s helps in placing highly skilled permanent Engineering & Technical professionals in diverse areas. With offices in India, we specialize in providing exceptional Technical Engineering professionals from India to clients located worldwide.

Construction Engineer Recruitment Agency

If you are contemplating going for a lifetime career in the construction industry, you need to take into account the industry future. Will it remain strong a decade from now or will manufacturing development work would be far and few between? There is very less doubt that the manufacturing industry provides countless employment opportunities for people of varied skill sets and educational qualifications. Construction also plays an essential role in the fitness of a country’s GDP, if construction work is low, the economy is often languishing.

For engineers looking to obtain a job within this industry, there are various construction engineer jobs to decide from, fresh engineers who have been certified will often be tasked to consider topographical data. New engineers today tend to be proficient with a working computer, which they use to make hydraulic system and structure designs. In construction, every section of the building process contains a corresponding code which needs to be followed as per the book.

Experts who are working in construction related jobs have the responsibility to make sure that building codes are being adhered too and that the project or aspects of the project that they can be assigned too are completed in keeping with the blueprint of the plan. On top of that, new engineers can also need to be certain that a construction site stays neat and hygienic and also prospective sites are free from hindrances and potential problems which could hinder construction work at the site.

For all those who are looking to get construction engineering jobs, there are primarily two aspects that ought to be taken note of. Firstly, the technicality of the trade, a construction engineer needs to have impeccable technical knowledge. The second aspect is the managerial ability to oversee the working of the complete construction project as usually it’s the responsibility of a senior construction engineer to make sure that the complete project is progressing in a timely and orderly manner.

Hence, if you are ready for the challenge to be a construction engineer then construction  recruitment consultants can help you find the right opportunities to explore this field. However, you need to be cautions of your options as most of the construction opportunities might not be available near you. It goes without saying, that construction industry though offers handsome salary package and other incentives but you must be ready to spend some time away from your family.

Recruitment from India

Recruitment from India has many advantages and has thus become a preferred routine among various companies from fortune 500 companies to small scale companies across the globe that understands the advantages of manpower recruitment from India.

Following are some of the factors that enable Indians to be recruited worldwide:

1. Young Society: India is a young society with an average age of 25 Years and several millions of students and young people who are looking for jobs, for example, compared to Germany which has an average of 35 Years.

2. Abundant Talent: With a rigorous education system and presence of premiere education institutes like IIT’s and IIM’s; companies are able to find talented professionals from India.

3.  Cultural Diversity: International firms need the right talent in a highly competitive market, that are adapted to the local employment market conditions. As India is a vast and diverse country divided into different regions, with different sub-cultures one is better able to adapt to new customs of the host country.

4. Economical: Employees salaries are often the major part of the expenses of most companies. Recruitment from India offers an effective way to streamline operation costs as Indian’s are placed globally at very competitive salaries.

If you are looking for recruitment from India then, MM Enterprises helps you find the right talent for your organization, we are Indian government authorized International Recruiter in India and have over a decade and a half experience in this industry.

We are also offering 2 sample CV’s to highlight the talent pool we manage. You can ask for the CV’s here: https://mmenterprises.co.in/query.php or you can mail us your requirement at info@mmenterprises.co.in

What is the role of a professional recruitment Consultancy

A recruitment consultancy or a recruitment agency is responsible for connecting employers with vacancies to be filled at their organisations and job seekers looking out for job opportunities. A recruitment agency renders a platform for both job seekers as well as head hunters where they can suit their respective requirements. It is a great source of information in this time and age where information is everything. Timely received information can change your life forever.

Role of recruitment agency towards employers

The recruitment agencies collect, filter and store data of job seekers with their substantial details. Whenever any organisation is looking out for workforce for their organisation a recruitment agency is easily able to connect them to the candidates having desired set of skills. The employers come with their requirements they are looking in a candidate for the role to be filled. A requirement agency strictly works on the framework laid by the hiring organisation. It saves a lot of time and effort on screening, filtering and interviewing potential candidates.

Role of recruitment agency towards candidates

A recruitment agency not only helps job aspirants by notifying them about the job openings but they also help them by leveraging their skills to increase their chance of success in their job search. This way they guide candidates on how to go about the interview processes. A recruitment agency supports job seekers by suggesting them new job roles and opportunities which they may not have pondered earlier. Thus a recruitment agency helps you identify your calibre thereby opening fresh job avenues for potential candidates. They also prepare them for interview questions. What should a candidate expect, how should he/she respond to diplomatic questions, etc. They also help candidates with polishing their resume by highlighting the essential features.

What are the Safety norms to prevent fraudulent overseas recruitments

An international recruitment agency is the one which helps you get your desired jobs in abroad. An overseas recruitment agency is very helpful in making you aware of the possible great job opportunities worldwide. But it is utter essential that you stay alert and vigilant while selecting overseas recruitment agency. Where there are international recruitment agencies which bring to you life turning job opportunities, then there also exist fraudulent overseas recruitment agencies which lure candidates in the name of foreign jobs and rip them off their money. Thus, one should be very careful while selection of an appropriate recruitment agency.

Go about an experienced and well established recruitment agency only. Many new start ups come up every year claiming themselves to be ace in overseas job placement. But they lack experience and efficacy in their domain. On the other hand an experienced overseas recruitment agency which has been working in this domain for past several years is quite reliable. Having spent years in this profession is itself a batch of faith. They should be following an organised and proper approach to reach out to recruiters. There should be assurance of actual recruiters being involved in the recruitment process.

When selecting an overseas recruitment agency do not settle for any overseas recruitment agency. Look out for the one which is able to answer all your queries with transparency and confidently in black and white. There is nothing stopping you from doing a background check and collect reviews from people who have sought their services. Taking an opinion always helps. A professional recruitment agency will have a strong online presence. They are accessible anytime from anywhere. This is what builds up the trust factor in the recruitment agency. After all overseas recruitment is not a game.

What are the new norms in Kuwait for Indian employees

In order to combat expats out numbering the local population Kuwait government has issued new norms. Expats make up two third of the total population of about 3 million. Kuwait government announced that they will reduce the count of expats in the country by minimum of one million by cutting down about 100000 yearly over a period of 10 years. This measure has been adopted because of the observation that there is a downfall in the number of native people involved in planning and development. This fall is not due to downfall in birth rate but due to more number of foreigners arriving in the country. The government of Kuwait is also working on the cracking down on false work visa acquisition and also on fixing loopholes in current licensing system.

The government of Kuwait also announced that no new work visas will be issued from now on but there is no clear indication about renewal of existing work visas. Moreover, they have laid tough rules on work visa acquisition. Indian employees are also facing the wrath of this new visa acquisition rule. Hence acquiring visa to work in Kuwait has become quite difficult now. The competition has increased manifolds now. Only those who are fit for the jobs there and prove themselves to be exceptionally good can pave their way to companies in Kuwait. No doubt expats in Kuwait enjoy a highly luxurious lifestyle and a life of dignity and respect. Doors to Kuwait are not closed yet but they are still open for those who can prove themselves to a valuable asset to the organisations.

To avoid getting end up in fake visa processing trust only reputed and experienced recruitment agency which lives on the grounds of trust and honesty.