Recruitment Agencies in India – The Ideal Process of Recruitment

Recruitment Agencies in India – The Ideal process of recruitment

Finding the right recruitment agency from India can be a daunting task, whether you are looking for an entry-level worker, a manager, or an executive staff, you must need to ensure that the recruitment agency you are placing your trust upon can deliver upto your expectations. India having an enormous manpower potential there are a lot of recruitment agencies that have popped up in every nook and corner to satisfy the insatiable demand of Indian manpower. Hence, it is very important for business owners and clients to ensure that they are able to scout for the right agency from India that can handle their manpower requirements.

Apart from being authorized by Government of India, we highlight the recruitment process that should be followed by a professional recruitment agency to ensure that it does justice to the work it is meant to do:

1. Client Need and Requirements Analysis:

This is the most important and unfortunately the most neglected part in most of the recruitment agencies around the world.  A client sometimes is concerned with the end results and hence his/her requirement might be different from the needs of the organization. Therefore, as a professional recruitment consultant it is very important to now only “listen to clients requirements” but also understand the underlying needs to make sure that requirements are met. This understanding comes from Years of experience and through knowledge of the clients business to enable a consultant to differentiate between the needs and the requirements of clients.

2. Documentation of your understanding about the Analysis:

Documentation is a vital part to enable a proper understanding between the client and the consultant. It is important that the client and the consultant are on the same page before the research for the right talent is initiated. One should ensure that this documentation, defines the client requirements and the demands of the specific project as well as the background of the company and the country so that one understands the cultural background of the job.  This ensures that you only get the best talent but also the right talent according to the situation.

3. Scouting and Researching the Right Talent:

A professional recruitment agency integrates insightful knowledge with technology to ensure a meaningful and objective research to find the right talent. Apart from this, competitor analysis and marketplace understanding is also critical in the hiring needs so that you are one step ahead of the competition.

4. Recognition and Assessment of the Talent:

For the recognition and assessment of the right talent a professional recruitment agency must have professional consultants that can recognize the right talent according to your industry needs. Hence, knowledge about a client business is of imperative importance while recognizing the right talent. Further, India being a diverse country its important for a professional recruitment agency to understand the role of geographical and culture plays in the recruitment process. For example, candidates from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh are more likely to join a company in Canada and Europe compared to Middle East.

5. Presenting and knowledge transfer about the Candidate:

After the completion of recognition and assessment of the talent, a professional recruitment agency provides a thorough knowledge transfer about the shortlisted candidates including the technical and function proficiencies of the candidates according to the understanding of the requirement analysis.  Further, it is important to mention inter personal skills of the candidates and the ability to work in a team environment.

6. Due Diligence of the Candidates:

After the knowledge transfer and shortlisted candidates, professional recruitment consultants must do a thorough reference check of the shortlisted candidates to ensure your trust while recruiting and the seriousness of working of a recruitment agency. A professional recruitment agency should not work on short term sales objectives but should strive to build long term business relationship that has the trust and the acceptance to last it through.