What are the job responsibility for Civil Engineers

Civil engineer is an engineer who pursues civil engineering as his discipline. Civil engineering is an engineering branch which deals with designing, constructing, and maintaining of bridges, highways, tunnels, bridges, dams, other private and public infrastructures.  The crucial aspects in civil engineering are contracting engineering and consulting engineering. A consulting civil engineer carries the responsibility of designing aspect of a construction project whereas a contracting civil engineer is responsible for actualizing a design created by consulting engineer into a real standing architecture. A civil engineer also caters to responsibilities like selecting site for the final construction work. Some of the other roles played by a civil engineer include:

  • Detailed analysis of the various factors concerned with construction.
  • Searching for construction site, investing it and doing its further analysis before finalizing it.
  • Charting out the key essentials and checking the feasibility factors. Any change if required on the site location is also drafted properly.
  • Drafting a careful and detailed design to match client’s requisitions.
  • A civil engineer is also responsible for doing review, project design approval and reports approval.
  • A civil engineer is help responsible for determining the potential risks and challenges involved in the planned project.
  • He is therefore expected to undertake quintessential measures and initiatives in order to manage risks.
  • Civil engineer must also do a thorough checking of all the tools and techniques which are to be used for construction purpose.
  • He is required to constantly monitor the operations on the site and keep a close watch on the staff’s functioning.
  • Carefully schedules the construction plan under his supervision.
  • He is also responsible for ensuring that the project culminates with the stipulated time and also with the defined budget only.