Fake Candidates – Recruitment Agency and their Clients Nightmare

If you happen to have any HR friends who in recruitment domain or any recruitment consultants then you might have heard their horror stories about various fake resources that get themselves placed in the company.  A fake resource, in simple terms is the one that has manipulated the recruitment process by either using fake experience or fake certificates and in worst cases having someone else who is technically to attend interviews on their behalf and later join the company.

While it is an accepted fact that we cannot simply eliminate this practice because it is impossible to ascertain beyond a doubt about candidates past credentials and working knowledge. However, recruitment consultants and HR departments can have various measures and processes in place that can help minimize these instances in their organization.

The following are some of the steps that I have seen in practice by MM Enterprises, an Indian government authorized recruitment consultants in India where I have worked for 5 Years.

  1. Scouting of Candidates – Testing the Resume: This is the time when recruiters start scouting for the right resource based on client’s requirements. In this process they take help of their own candidate’s databases and also scout for candidates through ads and their associates. During this time, the only item that a recruiter has to scrutinize the candidates is on the basis of their resumes or CV’s.  Following are some the information that is mostly found in fake candidates:

a. Personal Information Missing: It is often the case that you would find only their Email address and telephone number mentioned in the resume and they do not give a clear idea of their identity.

b.To many Skills mentioned: If a candidate claims to be an expert at C/C++, Python, Photoshop, Dreamweaver along with the advanced knowledge of oil refining process used in middle east then it’s a sure red flag and you need to be more careful while interviewing this resource.

2. First Interview with the Candidate via phone: After short listing all the potential candidates on the basis of their compatibility with the given job description by the client you schedule the first interview with the candidates and following are the things to keep in mind to minimize fake resources getting through:

a. Phone number: Please make sure the interview is conducted on the same phone number that is mentioned on the CV.

b. Tell them the Interview is being recorded: No matter if you have the technology or not, you can mention this time at the time of telephonic interview so that the candidate knows that he cannot employ a dummy at the time of F2F interview.

3.Analyzing a Fake Prospective Candidate VS a Serious Candidate: It is becoming  quite popular these days to apply for new jobs and try to receive an offer letter from the new company with the promise of joining it but only too show the new offer letter to their existing  HR department and demanding salary hikes or the threat to resign. These candidates are the hardest to make out but an experienced recruiter can easily spot these imposters based on their body language and their interpersonal skills and can help save not only their valuable time but also their client’s time.

4.The Final Interview: After you are all set to call the candidate for the final interview, please take a close note on all the following things that will help you identify a fake candidature:

a Mandatory Face to Face Meeting or Video Interview: Please mention it categorically that you would be conducting a F2F meeting before finalizing the position. If the candidate does not agree or gives explanations, try to validate them and if found true offer a web based video interview.

b. Photo ID proof at the time of Interview: Ask them to carry a photo ID proof at the time of F2F meeting.

c. Legal Documents: Please tell them to carry Xerox copy of legal documents like experience letter, salary slips and other details at the time of interview.

These are only some of the processes that MM Enterprises follows to ensure that all its candidates are genuine and the client gets the best talent according to its needs.

Manpower Recruitment Agency for Kuwait from India

There are a number of manpower recruitment agencies from India that supplies labor to Kuwait. Kuwait is an Arabian country and there is a large scope for manpower in the country from India. People from India can get any job in Kuwait based on their qualifications. Doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals are also in need. So Indians have a great opportunity to work in foreign countries like Kuwait and this is made easier by the recruitment agencies. They act as a connecting link between the employer and employee. The services of these agencies are highly required for people who seek job in a foreign land.

The main mission of these manpower recruitment agencies for Kuwait from India is providing a good connection between the talent and career opportunities. Opportunities might not be visible all the time and these agencies help a lot in finding them. The manpower recruitment agencies usually join hands with the reputed and trustworthy companies in Kuwait. So this gives a better job guarantee to the employees. These clients will provide their requirements to the agencies who will notify the same to the interested people in India. If the people feel that they fulfill all the requirements stated, they can apply for the job.

As the clients of these manpower recruitment agencies in Kuwait are leaders in their field, they provide more job satisfaction. These agencies collect the resumes and details of interested Indian workers and report the same to the Kuwait clients. These companies select the best person and provide them with the job details along with the employment visa to work in that country. The manpower recruitment agencies also provide consultancy services to their clients as well as people who need expert advice regarding working outside India. They have a special team to provide all these services. These agencies are greatly flexible and cost- effective.

Engineering Recruitment Agency in India

If considering the trend of today’s society; Engineers are considered to be the cream of the society because of the effort they put in. Also their contribution to the society is remarkable. There are many fields in which the engineers are working like Automobiles, Computers, Electronics, Biotechnology, Aeronautics, etc. Engineers have big hand in transforming the antediluvian world to the modern world that we know today. Without Engineers the society will be like humans without the backbone.

But somehow, inspite of having good knowledge base, hardworking capabilities; every engineer is not able to attain that recognition in India that he deserves because of lack of facilities available here. Keeping these drawbacks in mind, recruitment agencies came up with an idea of connecting engineers to various companies.  Engineering Recruitment Agency provides a platform to Engineers where the engineers get a chance to show their talent. If talking in simple words we can say that these agencies make the employers meet the employees.

They basically act as a supporting medium for engineers where they can grab the opportunities as per their wish. They are advantageous to the engineers as well as play an important role in removing the overheads of the companies by providing them with the number of candidates out of which the company can choose its employees. These agencies work in a proper systematic way where everything goes in a proper manner. There are many sectors in which Engineering Recruitment agency in India works. These include airports, architecture, hospitals, bridges and tunnels, rail infrastructure, project management and many more.

Engineering Recruitment agencies act as the boon to the market as they save the time and money of the companies which they would have otherwise wasted in gathering the applicants and which would have not been as per their requirements too. Moreover, these agencies play vital role in development of career of the engineers.  At the end we can conclude that these agencies play a crucial role in society for both Engineers and start-ups or well established Engineering companies.

How to increase working efficiency?

There are numerous online queries daily regarding how to increase working efficiency. In this age of competitive market, every company wants to adopt dynamic strategies which will increase their turnover rate exponentially. They are seeking out for ways to increase the efficiency of their employees and increase the productivity and profits. There are various ways to achieve this.

Below are the five successful ways to increase your work efficiency:

1. Tracking and Making Improvements

Every initiative to interact with the customer or potential client is a marketing strategy. Business owners need to devise better ways of marketing process. Find out ways to attract customers effectively so that the convert ratio increases steadily.

2. Automated Programs

Use of automated programs can enhance the efficiency of your business. Automated data entry, automated email responses, automated book keeping, email marketing and customer service auto responses, etc are few of the many ways of leveraging a business to new heights.

3. Reduce Costs

Tracking the expenses can help you reduce the cost involved. Budgeting the expenses over certain fixed expenses saves a lot of time and money. It can save you from unnecessary headache which you might have to take care otherwise. Monitoring of expenses should take place regularly.

4. Set Goals

Setting up goals proactively for the company can help you work in a direction strategically. Keeping check on targets achieved will keep on toes always. Thus, you can anytime take corrective measures to catch up with the lacking tasks.

5. Manage Your Time

Time is money. Managing the way you spend time on various tasks can help you achieve desired results well on time. Dealing with clients, money management, product distribution management, marketing management, etc each of the tasks should be given their due importance. Do not get burnt out or irritated under the burden of responsibilities. Manage stress and manage time to increase working efficiency.

What are the sources to find a Good Job? How to be aware of fraudulent?

With the advent of the internet technology finding a job was never so easy. There are ample of job portals which give out information about various job openings for free. But beware not every information is true and useful. Out of the job information pool only a small chunk of information is useful according to your profile and potential, the rest is wasteful and time killing. But you never find any assistance from such job portals regarding sending you precise information. It may also be the case that you might end up falling in trap of a fraudulent job consultancy. They try to rip you off by luring you for a highly paid international job. One should be very wise and precautious while making a recruitment agency selection.

No wonder, a recruitment agency bridges the gap between employee and employer. It makes needy employer meet aspiring employee. When talking about a good and reliable source to find a right job for you, then the only answer is, go with an experienced and reputed recruitment consultancy. They are the ones who deliver out the right amount of information on right time to the right person. They filter out the information on your behalf so that they may concentrate well on your interview preparation. It is important to keep in mind that a genuine recruitment consultancy never asks for any kind of upfront payment. So, you see that it is entirely a win win situation for you. They also guide you through the entire interview procedure. They help you find relevant question type asked in the interviews, polish your interpersonal skills, analytical skills, soft skills, body language, etc. Thus, a recruitment agency is the best source to find a good job.

Good luck for your job search.

Image credit:= http://www.ehow.com/info_8292531_sources-job-internet.html

Which Is Better- Engineering or Medicine?

When it comes to making choice between engineering and medicine there are many students who get confused. But the key is not to run after what your parents say or your friends are doing, but sit and ponder what you want to do, what you want to be and what you are good at. When you identify what you are good at then you can easily pursue what you chose and will enjoy it thoroughly.

Choose to be a doctor only if you are truly passionate about being a doctor and cure people. Choose to be an engineer only if you are passionate about building things be it electronic, civil, mechanical or automation engineer. Engineering is a four years course however medicine is a six years course. But, you should be aware of the fact that out of six lakh engineering students passing every year, only 10% of the students are absorbed in the good jobs.

Medicine/ healthcare:

Healthcare is the discipline which involves treatment, diagnosis and caring of people. The scope of medicine has improved multi folds over past few years. With the advancement in medicine and newer technologies evolving for treatment, there is high demand for medical professionals all over the world. Hospital administration, health technicians and health technologists are upcoming fields where you can mark a successful career. With rising standard of living, demand for nurses and doctors is increasing at a shooting rate. Brain analysis and genetic counselling are among the latest highly paid medical professions.


With boundless technological innovation happening in recent past, people are eyeing on the new career options for new generation. Civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, telecommunication engineering, etc are traditional forms of engineering. Robotics, simulation, space tourism and teleportation are the upcoming engineering domains.

Analysing Your Candidature for the Right Overseas Job

With the advent of globalization, the world market is open to all. There are several companies which are recruiting employees from all over the world. If you are aiming for an international job then it is no longer a distant dream. Recruitment consultancy can help you fulfil your overseas job dream.

The overseas jobs are available in the fields like teaching, law, engineering, mining, architecture, designs, medicine, etc. if you have got real talent and possess excellent communication skills then there is that can stop you from jumping into overseas job in your target industry.

Now, the food for thought is that if you consider reaching out to a recruitment agency for overseas job placement then you can certainly land into a company of your choice without compromising on anything. It will much easier and faster. However, if you consider applying for an overseas job on your own then there is high probability of you getting trapped into a fraudulent case as there are many frauds online who lure you for guaranteed overseas jobs and rip you off your money. Apart from the above reason, you might even miss out on really good opportunities which otherwise could be used had you been informed. Moreover, with the help of recruitment agency you don’t have to waste your time searching for a suitable job and applying for each, rather recruitment agency does it all for you. It keeps you informed well in advance so that you can apply for it. In addition to it, recruitment agency helps you prepare for every upcoming interview. Their services do not end here as they extend their warm support in getting you visa for the respective destination. They guide through the ways of getting comfortable in the new work environment and also make you familiar with company’s work ethics upon successful placement.

Importance of Technical Skills

Technical skill refers to the acquisition of technique of doing or performing any job. And being good at technical skills gets you closer to your dream job easily. Take an example of a mechanical engineer whose technical skill is to repair vehicles; on the other hand, a computer engineer has the technical skill of writing programs and manufacturing hardware. Having mastery in whatever technical skill you have can take you to the peak of your career.

Technical skills refer to performing those special things which can only be acquired through education or training. Technical skills can also be referred to the expertise and experience a person or individual has with any electronic devices.

Without having hands on practical experience or technical knowledge of the job to do, it is a total disaster to hire such an individual by any firm. There is a race among the strongest. As it is rightly said survival of the fittest policy. A recruitment agency is a guide which shows you the way to your dream technical job. There are many recruitment agencies out there who boast of extraordinary placements within a few days. But it is essential to remember that not all recruitment agencies are that promising. One should be very wise and alert while counting on any recruitment Consultancy.

As a measure to which, look for their past placement records. If they seem reliable then only go for such a recruitment agency. These consultancies have strong connections with the top notch MNCs that is why they are the best people to approach for technical job assistance. Technical skills are highly valued and the people with technical skills are highly regarded by the companies thus there is a huge possibility of attracting a fat package. Recruitment agency helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and thus enables you to leap forward in your career.

Indian IT Sector Soon to Come under Archaic Labor law

After remaining exempted from the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946 for more than a decade, the Indian IT sector is now feeling the heat as the law returns to cause major inconvenience for the young industry. Major software companies in the technology capital of India, Bangalore are in distraught as the new law with its rules and regulations may put several restrictions on its working environment.

The 19th century law was exempted to get rid of the harassment poised by labor departments and inspector raj. Further bringing this law into action will not favor the IT companies in the globalised world. It’s the IT industries, which are free of labor groupings and inspector raj from other major industries in the country. If the archaic law is made applicable to this sector also, it may create many complicated and unnecessary procedures difficult to deal with.

The law envisages for an approval of a ‘standing order’ by labor unions or staff representatives which will be defined by the respective companies regarding the conditions of employment. The conditions will be posted on special boards and maintained at the entrance through which major workforce of the companies enter.

The conditions are feared to be favorable to the non-performing employees with a proper scope to create an unionized approach. The IT industry is based on its own guidelines, practices and working norms which are more than what the law prescribes.

Earlier the Karnataka government lured many of the Indian and multinational software companies with a clear exemption from this labor law to attract investments, which resulted a huge contribution of multibillion dollars to the state GDP. In the year 2011-12, Rs 1.3 lakh crore worth of software services were exported from Karnataka, which is about a third of total exports made from India.

It’s the smaller and mid-sized IT companies which are getting affected by the new law as labor department trying to contact them for certification of standing orders. While much of the young companies still unaware about the whole new thing, India’s two biggest software exporters, Infosys and Wipro, have refused to comment on this.

The companies are directed to come up with all the details which include the working hours, shifts, wages, job cuts, leave and attendance, grounds for termination and definition of misconduct to the authorities to comply with the standing orders.

The IT industry which has a ‘self-certification process’ will be able to comply with labor laws, feels many. Further the working scenario of IT industries is totally different from labor- intensive manufacturing industries with different staffing system and job hours.

But at the same time the law will prove beneficial for many to curb the so-called unfair practices made by the top employers, said Karthik Sekhar, general secretary at the UNITES Professionals association of software employees.

There have been complaints of overtime, unreasonable termination and sexual harassments from the IT employers over the years. The archaic law will help counter the problem to a large extent, opined SR Umashankar, Karnataka’s labor commissioner.

How Manpower Recruitment Agencies Help in Career Making

For an organisation to grow it is highly essential to carry on manpower recruitment from time to time. Head hunting is one of the challenging tasks the managers or supervisors of an organisation face. Finding right candidates having appropriate skill sets is not at all easy. Nowadays, the way business scenario is shaping, one has to keep up with the changes in order to reap desired results. In this mammoth as well as critical task of manpower recruiting, Manpower Recruitment Company play a major role in selection of potential candidates which ultimately leads to growth and improvement in the company.

The Growing Significance of Manpower Recruitment

Today, when the face of business is changing rapidly, the employees are expected to be so much skilled and professional that they adapt to the changing technology as well as contribute their innovative ideas to help the company grow. The selection of candidates with such capacity is itself an art. Only those who are expert at recruiting people can do justice to the recruitment process. Recruitment agencies comprise of a team of polished professionals who understand the needs of companies and deliver tailor made solutions to them. As per the requisites of the operations of a company, selection guidelines are laid and followed strictly.

Recruitment Consultants do a wonderful job by bridging the gap between employers and employees. They bring them on a common platform and thus reduce an ample amount of effort at both the ends. A recruitment agency is easily approachable than a company. Candidates can view and select from an array of companies offering jobs in their domain through the medium of recruitment agency. They can send in their resumes to these consultancies. After screening the accumulated resumes carefully, personal interview call is made. This is how manpower recruitment agencies help in career building. They are the most bankable choice for both employers and employees. Go go go!!