What are the new norms in Kuwait for Indian employees

In order to combat expats out numbering the local population Kuwait government has issued new norms. Expats make up two third of the total population of about 3 million. Kuwait government announced that they will reduce the count of expats in the country by minimum of one million by cutting down about 100000 yearly over a period of 10 years. This measure has been adopted because of the observation that there is a downfall in the number of native people involved in planning and development. This fall is not due to downfall in birth rate but due to more number of foreigners arriving in the country. The government of Kuwait is also working on the cracking down on false work visa acquisition and also on fixing loopholes in current licensing system.

The government of Kuwait also announced that no new work visas will be issued from now on but there is no clear indication about renewal of existing work visas. Moreover, they have laid tough rules on work visa acquisition. Indian employees are also facing the wrath of this new visa acquisition rule. Hence acquiring visa to work in Kuwait has become quite difficult now. The competition has increased manifolds now. Only those who are fit for the jobs there and prove themselves to be exceptionally good can pave their way to companies in Kuwait. No doubt expats in Kuwait enjoy a highly luxurious lifestyle and a life of dignity and respect. Doors to Kuwait are not closed yet but they are still open for those who can prove themselves to a valuable asset to the organisations.

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