Skype Interview Tips By Recruitment Consultancy In India

The technology has taken every process of the corporate world to another level. Meeting the concerned personalities in person and attending the interview has gone outdated. Today the technology is playing a vital role, where the employee and the employer can interact with each other without even meeting in person. Many recruitment consultants in India are also updating themselves with the technology, so as to cope up with the industrial need. Skype is one of the most popular online social platforms for the video calling. In fact it is the main source for corporate purposes. Let us go through in detail.

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Creating Account.

Skype interview tips

To start with, one needs to have an existing Skype account. If not, creating a Skype account is the foremost task.  For this you need to have a laptop or desktop with active internet connection. Then open Skype website and download the Skype software that is compatible with your system’s requirement. Then create an account in Skype by clicking the sign up option. Register your details like email id, contact details, name, place etc. Once you are all set with the registration process, then it is time to login to your Skype account and get connected. Try to remember the Skype ID, as it is your identity in Skype, which is also the primary source of communication.

Relevant Profile

Once the account is all ready, now it’s time to find out the relevant profiles, which suits your professional skills and expectations. Many profiles will be available online, as there are many requirements these days. But choosing the right one depends on your choice, interest and skills.

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Utility of Skype features

Skype is a medium where all the features are updated. It holds all the special features. To make best use of it, you need to understand all the technical features. Skype has got video calling, audio calling, voice message, file transfer, text message and document sharing facilities. Utilizing all the features based on the requirement is advisable.

Personality And Background

Once the account creation and profile selection process are all over, then it is time for the Skype interview. It can either be an audio call or video call. Be yourself available for any of the two. But Skype is often known for the video call interview. Keeping yourself presentable is must when it comes to video call. Because, it is something related to direct face to face interview, where being presentable does matter. Be aware that your background is very much important, with a pleasant and positive appearance.

Microphone and Mic Testing

The very important and final step is to check whether your microphone and mic are in a better working condition. It’s better to check those connectivity issues and also the microphone and mic through a sample Skype video call. If things don’t work properly, then you can rectify the technical issues before your interview call.  So that you can set things ready and enjoy the hassle free interview call.

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