Do you know why you are not able to qualify the interview?

Do you know why you are not able to qualify the interview?

Getting a job is the toughest task in today’s world. It has become a complicated one. Despite continuous try, we find many candidates not getting placed. There are few opportunities, where you are perfect for the position, but still, you are not selected. This may be due to several reasons according to the employer. Let us discuss in detail about few of those reasons, in order to avoid so in future.

Be aware of the interview calls


The candidate has to be aware when he received a call. If he doubts it to be an interview call, then he has to be in a noise free place and respond properly to the employer. If things go well they will be able to fix a telephonic round.


Be Energetic

Being a candidate, your energy level has to be good and it should reflect your readiness for the job. Try to be positive throughout the interview session and showcase your skills and interest that perfectly suits the job.


Be a good listener

Every employer or manpower consultancy will always look for a good listener in their workforce. This is because; they knew that a good decision maker will be a good listener. The employer is very keen to know whether all his needs are conveyed properly to the employee.


Suitability of the job

Now it’s time to decide whether the job is suitable for you are not. Being a job seeker, based on your previous experience, you will have an expectation, about the job. With respect to your requirement and expectation choose wisely.


Decision making

Based on the gathered information, from the job description and employer; check whether the particular role matches your expectation. If everything goes well, then it is time to decide your suitability for the job.



Answer the questions

Once you have decided to grab the opportunity, be ready to answer all the questions of the employer. Answering the questions is not only about convincing with your skills but also impressing with your diplomatic answers.


Communicating Language

Language should not be a barrier between the employer and a job seeker. Try to communicate in a language that is comfortable for you both. It can be English, Hindi, Arabic or any other language.

Avoid false statement

It is very important to know that you don’t make any false promises. If so then it will be easy for you to get the job, but in case if you are identified, then you will have to face serious consequences. So it is better if you don’t create such situations.


Disclose current salary

Disclosing your current salary to the employer or recruitment consultancy will be useful for the employer to consider your suitability for the job based on the cost. It is also useful for you, in your expected salary.


Salary expectations

Salary expectation is something where most job-seeker gets rejected. This is because; their expectation is something very high when compared to the skills they possess and industry norms. It would be better if a job-seeker sets his expected salary accordingly. If your expected salary is something reasonable, then the employer would never want to miss you.


Be sure of your notice period

Once everything is perfect for you to fit into this job then the final important step is your availability. Try to calculate your notice period in prior and then confirm your date of joining. Try to keep up the promises and stay up to it. This will help you in bringing your dream come true and enjoy the same.

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