Importance of Telephonic Interviews for Screening Job Applicants

Phone interviews are the most viable and practical way to screen job applicants after shortlisting the resumes. Until now, telephonic interview was considered as a minor screening process but nowadays most HR consultants vouch by the usefulness of lengthy, in-depth phone screen calls. The phone interview enables you to understand and gauge the applicant’s skill, expectation as an employee, knowledge and aptitude before investing valuable time on a face to face interview.

The top 3 benefits of telephonic interviews for screening job applicants

  1. It saves time

Time is a precious resource and telephonic interview saves a lot of time for both the interviewer and the applicant. It saves on traveling time and can be done from anywhere across the globe. A phone interview helps to fast track or shortlist the best and the most potential candidates and decide if it’s worth spending time and money meeting them for a more formal interview.

  1. More Flexible

Since telephonic interviews can be done from anywhere you need to conduct them during business hours offering more flexibility.

  1. Saves Resources

There is no need to reserve a conference room, cancel appointments or travel somewhere saving a lot of resources of both the job consultant and the applicant.

 The most suitable person to conduct a phone interview is the proficient hiring consultant as he or she is well aware of the needs of the skills and qualification required by the client. Phone interviews offer an opportunity to know if the candidate actually understands the job profile.

The telephonic interviews may not offer with the chance to know real personality and nature of the candidate but they do offer the interviewer with an opportunity to know and understand the candidate’s temperament and profile beyond what is there in resume and social media and makes the task of shortlisting the candidates for final interview an easy job.