MM Enterprises is among the head most leaders in recruiting skilled human resources for the accounting and finance department finance Manager hired from India, New Delhi, the company. We possess a team of recruitment masters with brilliant insight to handle hiring the most talented candidates for your organization. There is no need to choke your team’s bandwidth for accountant recruitment from India and finance, executive, CFO, CS, and Chartered Accountant professionals recruitment as we are here to render you high-class services account-finance-recruitment-consultant-India.

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Undoubtedly, an organization’s accounting and finance department must be well managed as it is the backbone of any business. For this, employers from various sectors are in full swing to hire the most proficient and capable professionals with vast experience in handling finance and accounting. Our broad and deep knowledge of finance is why we are on the front foot in identifying extraordinary talent and filling the companies’ high-profile vacancies.

Our SpecializationAccounts & Finance Recruitment Consultant in India

We have a specialized division for finance and accounting recruitment where competent professionals exhibit their sharp skills in placing the well deserved and qualified candidates for various positions in reputed companies like

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Company Secretary 
  • MBA Finance
  • Accounting Manager
  • CFO
  • Director of Finance
  • Treasury Manager
  • Controller
  • Project Manager and much more…

The verticals of the sectors we include are IT, manufacturing, financial organizations, banking, hospitality, insurance, real estate, retail, and various other fields of finance and accounting.

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Steps Involved in MME’s Selection Process:

  • We first try to apprehend the exact need of the organizations by arranging a professional meeting with the employers. This not only triggers us to know the demand of the required profile but also enables us to understand the structure and history of the company so that this can be well communicated to the candidates as we need to appease both the employers and the job seekers.
  • Our team prepares the written document of role specifications, experience, placement criteria, qualifications, etc., as conveyed by the employer and briefs the candidates. We then create a final job specification for the particular profile and present the same to the employer for approval.
  • From here, we start finding the most deserving candidates for the positions. We have a vast database of professionals in the same field, and our team pulls up the socks to filter the best candidates. Not only this, our strategic search through social and professional networking sites helps us pick highly skilled finance and accounting professionals.
  • We help the companies assess the shortlisted candidates’ skills by arranging the interview. After the employers’ feedback, we create the list of the selected candidates for the final round of interviews that includes the discussion of the salary packages, work profile, joining formalities, and other related things.
  • If the employer wants us to convey the message of salary negotiation to the selected candidates, we do it on priority. Not only this, we communicate the parties’ discussions well and bridge the gap between the employer and the candidate.
  • Our placement process does not end up here. We do follow-ups with the hired candidates and the employers for a stipulated period to ensure that both are satisfied.

MM Enterprises is always at your service, even after the placement of the candidates. If the employer is not finding the candidate apt for the job within a certain period, we will arrange for a replacement.For Recruitment Services


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