The Marine industry is one of the largest and the fastest growing industries. All over the world the Marine industry business is gearing up to reach at its peak. With the advent of so many new technologies in this sector this industry is showcasing a terrific growth.

One of the engineering brand which deals in vessels in water is called marine engineering. Specifically, marine engineering is the discipline of applying engineering sciences, to the development, design, operation and maintenance and on-board systems. Marine Engineering is not limited to these but also includes power and propulsion plants, machinery, piping, automation and control systems for marine vehicles of any kind, such as surface ships and submarines.

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How Recruitment Consultancy Can Provide You Marine Engineers From India?

In this highly competitive environment also means constant need skilled and experienced senior management who can successfully manages and stir the company at all times.

As reputed a Recruitment Consultants  MM Enterprises  has all the expertise to effortlessly understand and adapt with the rapidly changing recruitment needs of this sector. We are a world class consultancy and we have an international clientele with worldwide reach. Our highly qualified and experienced teams of engineering recruiters understand the needs and niche requirements of the clients and the global environment very well.

MME Recruitment Consultancy Provides Manpower Services Globally.

With MME’s large database of candidates and a dedicated team of HR Experts we find the talented and best people in the shortest possible time. With 25 years of experience in Marine Engineering Recruitment MME is one of the top Manpower Recruitment Consultancy in India globally. Countries were we provide marine Engineers are:

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Different Industries Were MME Provides Its Recruitment Services:

MME’s Marine engineering recruitment division has an impeccable track record of supplying the best and the most suited professional engineers and support personnel to numerous Indian and overseas automotive industry clients.

As a reputed Marine recruitment consultancy we offer easy hiring and jobs for the following fields:

  1. Embedded system engineer
  2. Service engineer
  3. Automotive Engineers
  4. HMI Testing Engineer
  5. Sales Engineer
  6. Modelling & Automation Engineer

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