The agriculture, dairy and milk processing industries are evergreen sectors that contribute largely to a country’s economy, export earnings and growth. With the advent of new technology and developments in the dairy and farming sectors, there is a huge need and demand for skilled and experienced professionals in the agricultural and dairy industry.

The dairy and milk processing industry is a growing sector. The major employment scope is in the processing, production, procurement, storage and supply of dairy and milk products. There are many opportunities for dairy scientists, engineers, technologists, technicians and marketing personnel. The milk processing industry also offers a wide scope for aspiring candidates.

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MM Enterprise is a leading consultancy with long-standing experience in domestic and international recruitment. The milk and dairy industry has come a long way. With new technological developments, there is a huge scope for experienced and skilled professionals in this sector—we at MME source people in the dairy industry for dairy positions and as Milk processing workers worldwide.

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There is a huge scope for agriculturists in India and abroad in the agricultural sector. Agricultural engineering is the branch of engineering that applies scientific knowledge and technology to efficiently produce and process food, feed, fuels and fibre. Well-paid occupations are available for capable agricultural engineers in government and public sector organizations, the food processing and retail industry, agribusiness firms, research establishments and laboratories.

As a trusted recruiter for the agricultural industry, we can place the best and the most skilled agricultural professionals worldwide. Special recruitment consultants are experts in farm staffing and career opportunities. We employ, screen, interview, and recommend qualified candidates for positions within agribusiness and provide time-efficient and cost-effective services. We are committed toto delivering specialized and tailored products to employers and candidates alike.

MME provides recruitment services in the Agricultural & Dairy industries

MME is also a well-experienced botanist recruiter, and we are very proficient in finding a skilled and qualified botanist candidate who can be an asset to any organization. Our recruitment services are for both recruiters and candidates who are looking for workforce or opportunities in the Agricultural & Dairy industry, such as:

  • Production Supervisor 
  • Maintenance In charge 
  • Sales Manager
  • Head-QA/QC
  • Accounts & Finance Manager 

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