Shipping operations are regulated globally by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The global shipping industry is the highest

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contributor towards the world trade. It can easily be said that without the shipping industry half the world will starve or have to survive without basic essentials like clothing. Shipping industry keeps the global economy alive. The import, export and transportation all of goods all over the world are completely dependent on shipping industry and this is one industry where there will be constant need of skilled talent. Shipping placement agencies look for both part time and full employees to fulfill a wide variety of job duties.

The shipping industry provides remarkable career opportunities for the skilled individuals who are enthusiastic to work in this field and love sea. The industry is advancing each day and looks forward to hire qualified professionals with skill and experience. The shipping industry is a very high paying, thrilling as well as challenging. It’s an experience of a lifetime for those who are crazy about sea and enthusiastic to work with tools.

MM Enterprise has a global client base which includes :

  • Ship owners/operators
  • Ship managers
  • Trading and Commodity groups
  • Ship brokers
  • Private Companies
  • P&I clubs
  • Ship registries
  • Ship Agencies
  • Marine Service companies and Professional industry organisations.

For Recruitment Services

Professional of all trades and skills are needed here such as :

  • Engineers
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Entertainers
  • Chefs
  • Shipping Crews
  • Machinery operators
  • Medical Professional
  • Captains and Many more…..

MM Enterprise is one of the most experienced and trusted Shipping recruitment consultants in India and offers tailored recruitment solutions to the international shore based maritime and shipping communities.Employer form image