Industries in India that offer maximum Job Opportunity today

With the continuation of the economic recession in the USA it is no wonder that the general view is that the job market in India has also suffered a setback which is quite evident in the moderated job opportunity scene in the present times. The work in the IT and the ITES sector mainly depends on the demands from the US market and the negative financial vibes from those quarters are bound to hurt job market in this country. However in stark contrast to this popular belief the latest survey in the job scene which was done by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) has shown a far rosier picture. Quite surprisingly the job market here is showing a steady as well as significant growth presently. These findings come as a welcome relief amidst speculations to the contrary.

ASSOCHAM has delved into city wise trends in the job market and have come up with the industries which are offering maximum job opportunity today. Together with all the major Indian cities such as Delhi which have maximum jobs on offer along with Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore even the other cities such as Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and  Kolkata have also seen spurt in the job market. However there is no doubt in anybody’s mind regarding which industry reigns supreme as far as the creation of the job market is concerned- IT sector. Even with so many detractors, this IT sector is mainly responsible for keeping a large section of the Indian population employed. While the recession has slowed down the recruiting process it is just negligible and the hiring of candidates is definitely on even in the face of adversity at all the levels and the companies are trying everything possible in order to attract the best talents. About 36.3% of the jobs are being created in India by the IT sector which is making it maximum at the moment. Second to this IT sector other industries which also create job opportunity are the Financial and the banking sector which is creating 8.5 % of all the Indian jobs. After these come the Engineering and the Manufacturing sectors with 4.5% and 3.9% opportunities. Finally pharmaceuticals and telecom industries claim around 2% of the workforce each. Other industries such as the advertising, real estate Event management have a negligible employment opportunity which is not even worth mentioning.