AC Technicians Job description and Recruitment

AC Technician Profile Introduction

An AC Technician is a technical person who possesses the knowledge of installation, servicing, troubleshooting and repairing the air conditioning systems. A person with a title of AC technician has to work on technical aspect and settings related to air conditioners. He may also have to visit to the sites of residential areas and of large commercial firms to provide technical assistance related to air conditioning system.

He will be given training on different technical aspects so to ensure that there work should meet the standards. His task includes new installation, servicing of system and repair work in the system deployed in apartment, homes, business and commercial buildings. He should be capable of handling all technical and electrical aspect that arises during the work in all sites of any area.

Company Training

Company will provide specialized training to AC technicians that cover the courses and practical exposure on various tools and equipments, installation and servicing tool kit, identification of problems, repair work and maintenance of various systems make.  You will be trained to work in various circumstances and would be given specialization to work in small residential homes to large commercial or industrial building. You get the training to work in inhospitable condition which can be caused due to bad weather or malfunctioning of equipment. As AC technicians also have to work on some of the aspects that can be hazardous, you will also be trained to deal with such issues.

Typical Duties of AC technician

Typical duties of AC technician include inspection, Installation, repairs work, repairing chilled water and direct extension refrigeration, inspection of various parts like: coil, heating condenser pipes, control valve, compressor servicing, fan, blower, gauges and traps. Duties also include to installation of system due to alteration, rehabilitation and improvement in the project. Installation of air conditioning device also requires studying the blueprints of the machine architecture to get familiarize to the architectural layout of pumps, air ducts, vents, water supply lines and other components in air conditioning device. You will also be dealing with electrical components, electrical wiring and control. You also need to ensure proper connectivity of electrical switches and proper functioning of air conditioning unit after completing the work. You may have to work with experts of refrigeration units since they also make use of similar technologies as of air conditioning units.

Tools to be learned by AC technician

AC technicians have to learn the use of typical tools and equipments used in air conditioning work. Typical tools used are measuring gauges, acetylene torches, pipe cutters, drills, voltmeters, wrenches, hammers, pressure gauges, and metal snips.

Qualification Requirement

AC technician should be a Graduate from high school and completion of apprentice training program from a recoginised training firm. Atleast one year of full-time experience from reputed AC repair firm or should have done internship of at least two year duration. Should be a dedicated person toward the work and should be ready to perform in unsual circumstances.


For AC technician with outstanding experience in the air conditioning installation and repair work, salary will not be a constraint, for technician having a year of experience will be liable to get an hourly wage of $ 20. To be potential candidate for this position you need to be an aspiring AC technician and should have the passion to even perform in the required vigor.