Why does your Company need a Company Secretary?

In any limited company, there is vivid as well as crucial role in the smooth administration of a company secretary. There is a list of numerous tasks which are to be fulfilled by a company secretary; some of them include completion of statutory requirements and seamless successful communication.

Board meetings

Organizing a regular board meeting is an extensive task to be covered by the company secretary. Board meetings are vital for decision making in any company. This also helps in bringing every board member equal in business information relevant to the business. Conducting a board meeting not only involves arranging for the meeting but also making proper provision for recording the board meeting. A company secretary is responsible for informing all the directors and other individuals who are supposed to be there in the board meeting 14 days ahead of actual meeting date.

Record-keeping and filing

There are several statutory obligations that ought to be completed round a financial year of the company. In many countries, a limited company is bound to maintain company register, thereby keeping check over regular updates and accuracy of the entries. Moreover, a company secretary is also required to record file accounts, returns as well as various other statutory data concerned with the company. A company secretary is also required to be aware of the filing dates that are particular to the company.

Changes within the company

It is also mandate for a company secretary to keep a close watch on any type of changes within the company. A limited company which is looking for shares transfer either because of voluntary decisions or involuntary circumstances is an example of changes in a company. A stock transfer form needs to be filed with the relevant bodies to transfer shares. This alone requires series of actions such as declaration of the shares losing body and gaining body, value of the shares and signature if authority, etc, all these tasks are completed by a company secretary only.