Quantity Surveyor Job Description

A Quantity Surveyor identifies and calculates the costs involved in order to develop an overall budget for any project. S/He can then undertake cost planning which helps allother members of theproject team to arrive atsolutions and stay within the budget.

A Quantity Surveyor is a key figure in the property and construction industry. S/He provides professional advice to architects, builders, developers, project managers and government agencies regarding the costs involved for the project. If you are looking for equal employment opportunities and a rewarding career, then Quantity Surveying is the one you should be working towards.  There is a shortage of qualified Quantity Surveyors in various industries.Be it recession or a booming economy,Quantity Control Executives are in demand only if they are experts in the field.Building projects need Quantity surveyor for managing costs and accomplishing the goals of the company since it is no longer just about profits it is also about maintaining the employer’s reputation in the market.

Freelancing ofquantity surveying jobs can be done which involves consultancy services by experts in the field. These freelancers cover the financial impactaresidential or commercial project would have on a developer or contractor. Quantity surveyors also aid in cost planningofprojects. Theyadviseengineers, interior decoratorsand architects on choosing practical constructions designs within thebudgets set by the contractor. They also undertake the task of value management to minimize wastesin a design without having to sacrifice the main aspects and functions of the project. Apart from financial control advice, they also provide suggestions on procurement methods like selectionof the right contractors and suppliers,suggestions on submitting and accepting tenders and also work on valuation of construction work. One can be expected to know about cost control and financial management and give insurance advice as well.

Although these positions don’t require any academic qualification, everyday tasks need technical analysis on a large scale. Recruitment consultants seek candidates with a Bachelor’s degree. Candidates who have a degree in chemistry, physics or engineering have an advantage in getting thesejobs. Others must take additional and specialized trainings to work in the industry. Some companies hire candidates from part-time courses while others only hire college graduates. The profession is dominated by males but the number of women recruited is growing rapidly, both in private and public sector. Jobs to foreign locations and the frequent traveling or working abroad, this depends on the type of employer, location of the site and the customer.

Many of the industries such as automobile, aerospace, glassmaking, etc. have demanding requirementsin this sector. Quality control trainees spend significant amount of time on the production floor where they analyse the different aspects that affect quality. Care must therefore be taken while selecting the talentto have the best candidate for the job.Recruitment firms are always a better option for getting the best talent amongst Quantity Surveyors.Consultantsmake sure that the candidates have adequate experience and verification for their professional record. Apart from this they also make sure to pick out those candidates who have the necessary communication skills this job requires.

With a strictand systematic recruitment plan, recruitment agencies haveloads of opportunities for experienced Quantity Control Executives in their broad client base throughout the country and abroad.Theyalways take utmost care when providing the best candidate for the job. Theymake sure that the candidates have adequate first-hand experience and a very good professional record.