Lost the Job due to COVID-19 situation

Whether you were looking for a new opportunity before the COVID-19 pandemic hit or have lost your job because of it only, one thing is very clear that getting hired now isn’t going to be so easy of any industry.

During this pandemic we are seeing a lot of interviews rescheduled or canceled. A lot of our candidates are frustrated. Yet there are still new positions opening up every day & the procedure for this is gone to be very tough compare to previous time.Lost the Job due to COVID-19 situation


In this pandemic time period, moving forward in any way career-wise seems complicated at best. But while the economic and social implications of COVID-19 have caused employment numbers to take a hit (in just a week, 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment), but still there’s a wide variety of companies that are hiring but not with the high budget.


Depending on what you want to do and where your skills lie, there is still a job out there for you even if it may not feel that way. Job hunting during this difficult pandemic phase, remember that one thing this is a very unique situation no one could have ever anticipated that.

The key thing is to be respectful as everyone figures out how to move forward during this tough phase, especially as you reach out to Staffing Services provider and Recruitment Consultants who may be overwhelmed helping employees cope with the drastic change.

We at MM Enterprises helped out thousands of candidates on urgent basis who are looking for job change, who are unemployed from so long.


Below tips helps you how to get the Interview calls during Recession period-


Be patience and acknowledge the situation-

The name of the game here is patience. As frustrating as it is to wait for an answer when it comes to getting a job, things are most likely not moving as normal right now.

Many companies are still trying to figure out what the coronavirus means for their business. While some companies may have freeze the hiring, many are still interviewing for open positions they just may not be moving as fast as originally planned before this. Show understanding and do not interpret delayed responses as lack of their interest in you.


Focus on network & update the resources-

Most of us have a little more downtime these days: Use some of it to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. While you’re at it, clean up your social media pages. Scrub any content you don’t want a potential employer to see or, if that’s too much work, make your profiles public.

You also want to gather references. The best reference would be someone who is personally connected to the HR Recruitment Consultancy you are applying for vacancy you see, either works there themselves or knows the hiring manager directly of an organization.


Get Tips from HR firm-

Managing entire process for recruitment; selection becomes quite challenging and time consuming.  Candidates need to invest a lot of time in preparing the process of Interview. Still sometimes they are not able to find out right job as per their work role.

Lost the Job due to COVID-19 situation

Alternative solution is taking help from a reputed Jobs consultancy in India.  As, we  at MME help thousands of job seekers who are still don’t know the procedure of getting selection in reputed organization, who are struggle in getting a right job.

These consultancies have a huge amount of knowledge in process of whole selection, solutions in getting the right job which can provide you right guidance within shorter time. Another benefit of using such consultancies is that you will get more stable job.


Focuses on Industries that are hiring-

Some industries haven’t been hit as hard by the pandemic as like others. For example- Customer service and warehouse manufacturing workers, package handlers, accountants and health care-workers are still in demand.

We are also seeing a daily uptick in government-related positions to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic. Search in the internet for companies in these sectors and look for open positions that fit with your role and experience. Likewise a role as a marketing associate at an airline probably won’t be available at present, but the same role at a pharmaceutical company might be.


Are you looking for the support, guidance or advice for your career growth in this Pandemic time? Applying for a number of openings but not getting proper feedback from them or having hassle to find out perfect career match for you?

If yes, then We, MM Enterprises professional career counseling services may be of great use to you. It will help candidates to understand their own strength, weaknesses, current work culture, which will ultimately result into making right choice about career paths, development or change.