How to get registered with an Employment Agency?

In the age of tough and high competition, getting a suitable opportunity for you has been quite complicated. In India, there are very large amount of students, professionals who are not getting correct option for themselves, unemployment rate is very high. Though technology has helped us a lot in getting better career exposure, still sometimes you have to face very much difficulty in job search.

Role of Employment Agency

Employment agencies are playing very important role in finding good opportunity for candidate now days. There is a no. of Employment Agency in Delhi, who helps you to find out job opportunity in Delhi or outside location. They are having a team of dedicated recruiters, who find out suitable opportunity for the candidate.

Registration with Employment Agency

In India, different recruitment agencies have different registration process. Few are paid and few are free. Before paying to any employment agency in Delhi, be sure to verify the authenticity of that recruitment agency, because there are a no. of recruitment firm, who takes money from candidate are fake.

Job Seeker

Mainly registration process is of two types:

Employment Agency

Online Registration

In the time of global advancement, nobody has time to visit the office for small things. Most of the genuine recruitment firms do have the option of online registration. Candidate need to fill the online registration form, fill details and submit resume on the portal itself.

Offline Registration

In this high technical era, still few consultancies have offline registration process. Candidate has to visit the Employment Agency, fill the offline form and submit your resume. This trend is no days very much limited as it becomes difficult for the firm to maintain large amount of candidate’s data offline.

Again, before paying to any recruitment agency, whether it’s online or offline, make ensure to verify the authenticity of that firm as it’s your hard earned money.

Job Seekers Form

MME Registration Process

MME is one of the leading Employment Agencies in Delhi providing complete recruitment solutions from last 25 years in India and International market in various industries like Engineering, Automobile, Construction, Technology, Agriculture, Medical etc. Its registration process is simple. You need to fill the registration form online, submit your resume and your registration is completed.

You can also send your resume to [email protected] along with your short introduction.

MME registration is free of cost; we don’t charge anything from the candidate for registration. Also you don’t need to pay any charge after or before you get the job though MME. We strongly in customer satisfaction. Due to the quality of our services, we have been ranked as one of the top Employment Agencies in Delhi.

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