How do we improve our engagement with remote employees?

How do we improve our engagement with remote employees?

Essentially, what this means is that the more employees feel like an organization values their contributions and cares about their well-being, the more engaged they are. And the more engaged an employee is, the more committed they are to the workplace. With the rise of remote working, it is critical to understand the benefits of employee engagement, so that managers and executives can better implement best practices or take help from professional employer organization service company for their remote teams.

Year 2020 and 2021 go down as the year of remote working. And many companies have given a nod to remote working scenario. In this time of coronavirus, limited travelling has forced a large part of employees to work from home. And employee engagement in covid-19 for remote workers is a big topic in the market today. It is difficult to engage employees that are in the same office let alone keeping remote employees engaged. And with remote work in place, there would be a change in how teams would interact with each other during remote working.  How does one go about engaging a remote employee? It is one of the common problems faced by an any recruiter. 

Below points helps in how do we improve our engagement with remote employees?

Employee recognition

Recognition is the significant driving force besides incentives for any employees. Employee recognition, or social recognition, is the process of publicly appreciating the employees for who they are and what they do for your organization. This is one of the essential components in boosting remote workplace engagement, productivity, and help in increasing the employee retention.

Choose right tools for communication

With remote working, a lot of things that used to happen over conversations now have to be digitized. Tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Notion, Skype, and Facetime have all become indispensable for smooth communication, documentation, and interactions in a remote organization. Choose the right tool that fits your need and ensure that your employees know about them and how to use them.

Working updates

Employers or managers must share work updates to keep everyone informed. With employees working from home, employers now face a new challenge: keeping everyone informed about changes in the business, initiatives, and progress, as well as real time business news that may affect the company. Hence, empower the employees with help from EOR companies in India access to a steady portfolio of relevant corporate updates through daily calls, weekly meetings, and video conferencing.

Provide flexibility in working

A remote team is like a family working together from different places. Giving your remote employees a chance to be flexible with their work timings. With flexible work timing, it increases productivity because employees can decide when to work and from where to work. Employers should include work from anywhere policy. 

Personal one on one meeting

As you can see, communication is an important foundation for keeping your employees engaged. Managers should have regular one on one meeting with their team members to understand challenges they are facing in working, provide feedback, set goals and expectations from them.

Ask them for feedback

This statistic above is proof enough on why you must listen to your employees and make sure that their voices are heard every step of the way. Ask them for feedback on anything and everything, such as how to meet company goals, improving customer satisfaction, new training ideas, fun activities to do as a team, and more. But do not just listen to their ideas and opinions, act on the good ideas.

Offer career growth opportunities

Career growth opportunities are one of the main factors that attract and keep talent within companies. Often times, remote workers get neglected here. In order to keep them happy and engaged, some career advancement opportunities should be available for all of them.