A Contribution of Engineers for the Infra Development in Oman

Oman is an Arab country located in South East Asia near the south Coast of Arabian Peninsula. Oman witnessed a few wars in the past as to who will rule this small yet beautiful land. But currently Oman is one of the most flourishing places in all of Saudi Arabia and has witnessed some serious developmental changes in the past few years. Although it is under the rule of “Sultan of Oman” the government has legislative rights to exercise power in extreme cases.

United Nations Development Programme has announced that Oman is in the list of 135 most improved worldwide countries in the last 40 years. Oman is a nation which is in no mood to stop this development spree. This is why Oman is looking for contributions from engineers to make sure their constant infrastructure development rate remains stable.

Apart from improving the face of the nation Oman also needs engineering contributions because it needs intellectual manpower for its Gas and Oil industries. Oman has the 24th largest oil preserves in the world. Guessing from the world’s oil crisis it can be determined that Oman is in serious need of petrochemical, mechanical and civil engineers to support the infrastructure required to manage such a huge system. It is essential for Oman to fully utilize and extract the oil preserves it has and for that it needs the help of some intellectual minds like engineers.

Oman is also really high on education and sports and therefore needs the proper infrastructure to support it. Oman has made it a pledge to improve the standard of living of its individuals and also improve the general standard of the nation and this can only be achieved by maintaining a great infrastructure. For this purpose of development great engineering minds are needed in Oman.