Fake Candidates – Recruitment Agency and their Clients Nightmare

If you happen to have any HR friends who in recruitment domain or any recruitment consultants then you might have heard their horror stories about various fake resources that get themselves placed in the company.  A fake resource, in simple terms is the one that has manipulated the recruitment process by either using fake experience or fake certificates and in worst cases having someone else who is technically to attend interviews on their behalf and later join the company.

While it is an accepted fact that we cannot simply eliminate this practice because it is impossible to ascertain beyond a doubt about candidates past credentials and working knowledge. However, recruitment consultants and HR departments can have various measures and processes in place that can help minimize these instances in their organization.

The following are some of the steps that I have seen in practice by MM Enterprises, an Indian government authorized recruitment consultants in India where I have worked for 5 Years.

  1. Scouting of Candidates – Testing the Resume: This is the time when recruiters start scouting for the right resource based on client’s requirements. In this process they take help of their own candidate’s databases and also scout for candidates through ads and their associates. During this time, the only item that a recruiter has to scrutinize the candidates is on the basis of their resumes or CV’s.  Following are some the information that is mostly found in fake candidates:

a. Personal Information Missing: It is often the case that you would find only their Email address and telephone number mentioned in the resume and they do not give a clear idea of their identity.

b.To many Skills mentioned: If a candidate claims to be an expert at C/C++, Python, Photoshop, Dreamweaver along with the advanced knowledge of oil refining process used in middle east then it’s a sure red flag and you need to be more careful while interviewing this resource.

2. First Interview with the Candidate via phone: After short listing all the potential candidates on the basis of their compatibility with the given job description by the client you schedule the first interview with the candidates and following are the things to keep in mind to minimize fake resources getting through:

a. Phone number: Please make sure the interview is conducted on the same phone number that is mentioned on the CV.

b. Tell them the Interview is being recorded: No matter if you have the technology or not, you can mention this time at the time of telephonic interview so that the candidate knows that he cannot employ a dummy at the time of F2F interview.

3.Analyzing a Fake Prospective Candidate VS a Serious Candidate: It is becoming  quite popular these days to apply for new jobs and try to receive an offer letter from the new company with the promise of joining it but only too show the new offer letter to their existing  HR department and demanding salary hikes or the threat to resign. These candidates are the hardest to make out but an experienced recruiter can easily spot these imposters based on their body language and their interpersonal skills and can help save not only their valuable time but also their client’s time.

4.The Final Interview: After you are all set to call the candidate for the final interview, please take a close note on all the following things that will help you identify a fake candidature:

a Mandatory Face to Face Meeting or Video Interview: Please mention it categorically that you would be conducting a F2F meeting before finalizing the position. If the candidate does not agree or gives explanations, try to validate them and if found true offer a web based video interview.

b. Photo ID proof at the time of Interview: Ask them to carry a photo ID proof at the time of F2F meeting.

c. Legal Documents: Please tell them to carry Xerox copy of legal documents like experience letter, salary slips and other details at the time of interview.

These are only some of the processes that MM Enterprises follows to ensure that all its candidates are genuine and the client gets the best talent according to its needs.

Telecom Engineers Recruitment Agency in India

The typical life of telecommunications engineers involves working with designers, managers, company architects to understand the various technical needs of towers and buildings. Along with that many of them work in close association with vendors and customers and help them with their phone services. Since it is the age of telecom, most students prefer to get a professional degree in this field. This means that the numbers of engineers are ever on the rise. There is stiff competition in Indian and abroad with respect to jobs prospects. Most of the engineers opt for a telecom engineers recruiting agency to lay their hands on the best possible offer available in the market. Since, the number of companies in this field is rather high as compared to other industrial sectors, going through a recruiting agency helps as they have the requisite information to suit the candidate’s profile. The entire process of hiring involves application submission followed by rounds on interview, judgment process with respect to the candidate’s fitness to the work profile and then ending with training and  placement. The application process in itself gives opportunity to the candidate to express his achievement, professional experience, academic credentials and his aspirations in future.

The telecom engineers recruiting agency also helps in the preliminary selection round. This ensures that those who are fit for the job only gets to meet the company HR. The preliminary test revolves around telephonic interviews, online tests, email interactions etc. Those who cross this barrier get to meet the company representatives for the final selection round that involves professional grasp on the subject, personality and psychometric tests. In this way, it is win-win situation for both the recruiter and the recruitee. These recruiting agencies like MM Enterprises help the candidates by providing them job leads that fits their background and also helps the recruiting firms by sending only those candidates who fit the bill.

Recruitment Scenario in Kuwait

It would not be wrong to state that worldwide economic crisis has greatly affected major industries, including construction because of which several countries have cut down their recruitment rates.  However, certain areas across the globe, particularly Middle East remains a viable option for those who are looking forward for employment abroad. Middle East agencies have been lately employing people for different jobs including engineering sector and other sectors.

As per the researches undertaken by Kuwait National Bank, countries like Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman indicate that job opportunities will continue being generated in upcoming years to come. Though recession has a big impact on financial, information and construction, technology industries in UAE continue to flourish. Job markets in Kuwait remain vibrant because of the ongoing and planned projects.

So many companies in Kuwait plan to expand their business by recruiting enhanced numbers of employees. Some of the agencies are known to review skills of the applicants so as to provide them with exact jobs they want. Such agencies also help applicants to work on their resumes so that they can get enhanced numbers of candidates.  Such agencies also help candidates with their resumes so they can attract good companies. It is essential for the employees work with the agencies in order to get accepted and recruited as a serious candidate. For the employment of applicants, recruitment agencies in Kuwait are known to advertise job openings and potential candidates. One of the biggest advantages in the services supplied by Kuwait recruiters is that they additionally offer visa services.

It is essential for the candidates to possess visa in order to work in another country.  Thus most of the recruitment agencies in Kuwait render visa services for making it easier for the clients to transit from one place to another.  Since Kuwait-based agencies often recruit people from outside, they often works with visa service agencies.