Why the future of hiring is more human than ever (despite the rise of technology)

Hiring is changing — finally. For the last two decades, recruiters have been forced to rely on slow, ineffective technology to source, track and interact with prospective hires.

While other roles like sales evolved from using static, standalone contact systems to more sophisticated, holistic systems like customer relationship management, talent acquisition remained limited to software filled with old data that required manual updating and was difficult to use. With these systems, 80 percent of a recruiter’s time was typically spent performing low-level mindless tasks.

Thankfully, that’s all about to change. We’re now seeing the rise of the machines — a new wave of HR solutions that takes the technology breakthroughs of popular consumer services like Facebook or Netflix and applies them to recruiting.


That means this software uses automation, data science and predictive analytics to alleviate the menial work that historically claimed so much of a recruiter’s time. This new breed of “smart” hiring software is fueling an emerging category called hiring success management (HSM).

As HSM becomes more prevalent and computers take over much of the routine side of recruiting, some industry watchers have expressed concern that recruiters’ roles would become obsolete. In fact, the opposite is true.


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