Top 5 trends transforming human resources in Middle East

Tougher business competition, the growing use of new technologies and the arrival of a new generation of workers will result in big changes to the Middle East Human Resources sector in the coming years.

According to biz-group, a UAE-based business consultancy, here are the top five trends that will transform the regional market.

1# Learning and development: the need for a huge makeover

The gap between workforce skills and business expectations continues to widen. It has become urgent to address the skill shortages of the local workforce in a way that effectively contributes to the bottom line of business, and meets the expectations of a new profile of overwhelmed, impatient, distracted and digital-savvy learners.

With the growing use of the Internet, smartphones and social networks, technology will play a key role in remodelling the learning and development experience, by providing new formats of training programs including bite-sized, just-in-time and customized courses, videos and tutorials.

Among the most promising disruptive learning experiences is serious gaming, which facilitates the transmission of complex messages without boring the audience, while enhancing motivation and engagement.

2# Up-skilling HR is not an option anymore

There is an urgent need to reskill and redefine HR as an enabler and builder of talent, and a critical business function.


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