Why Job hoppers are not good for any company?

According to a study, about 40 to 50 per cent of the employers have the tendency to reject job hoppers owing to their nature of switching the occupation frequently. No need to twist your brain nerves with the word job hopper as they are the aspirants with very less inclination towards one employer as they keep on switching the jobs every now and then. Without a shadow of doubt, the companies stay away from such candidates who carry the unprofessional gesture of switching the jobs very quickly. Let’s discover certain reasons that support the fact that job hoppers are not good for any organization or business:


The nature of jumping from one company to another comes under unprofessional gesture and the employers never encourage such practice at any cost. As every organization appreciates the professional attitude of the employee, the employers think twice at the time of hiring the job hoppers. Moreover, the trust of the employers will never be on the candidates who always keep their job search on.

Dearth of accountability

The responsibility is another aspect where the job hoppers lack. To quote an instance, suppose the employer sets the monthly target that employees have to accomplish within the given deadline. The job hoppers will never get bothered with such assignments and deadline as at the end of the time they have to switch to some other organizations.

No loyalty

As job hoppers do not stick to any company and profile, they cannot be honored with the tag of loyalty. Why would any company hire such people whom they know will leave the role at the earliest? After all, no business would tolerate disloyalty, unreliability and lack of commitment and such things leave an adverse impression on the recruiters.

Stagnant growth

Switching the job one after another in a short time span is beneficial for the job hoppers but when it comes to the growth of the company on employee level, it would definitely be a big loss. The employer would then get an impression that the employee is not sincere for the overall development of the business and is only concerned about his own growth and salary hike.

 Fewer expectations for business productivity

 No employer can force the job hopper to bring high productivity at the time of notice period. Thus, the companies do not have much expectations and hope from the job hoppers for the growth of the business. Not only this, if the recruiters get an idea that you are only looking for your own exposure and growth without thinking about the productivity of your company, they won’t rely upon your potential and work abilities.

 Less offers from good employers

 The most acclaimed and reputed organizations in the market always look for the loyal candidates and once they scan your tendency of changing the jobs and tagged you as job hopper, the other companies would automatically reject your profile and leave you with less job offers.