Top 5 facts that should be consider while applying for job opportunities in Dubai.

Moving to other countries for employment is very common now days. However its very critical decision, still everyone wants to go ahead for better opportunities. If you are a job seeker, among all other countries, Dubai seems to be very much remunerative option for you as there are no. of advantages as availability of jobs in Dubai and working conditions. There is no. of Recruitment consultancy for Dubai, who helps you to find out suitable opportunities for your profile.

Although working environment and employment availability is good in Dubai among all Middle East market. Alike any other country, working in Dubai too has certain pros and cons. To get exposure over your job search in Dubai, multiple Recruitment consultancy for Dubai are available to help you out. However, there is no. of factors that needs to be focused on before applying for a job opportunity in Dubai.

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1. Visa and Passport:

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Being an emigrant, you would require a valid Passport, UAE Visa/UAE tourist Visa/UAE Visit Visa and a work Visa to enter and work in Dubai. If you have already got a job in Dubai, work visa will be arranged by the company. Few Recruitment consultancy for Dubai also help in getting work Passport for UAE.

2. UAE Tax System:

The main reason due to every employee can comfortably enjoy their salary in spite of high expenses in Dubai is UAE Tax System.UAE is completely tax free. You do not need to pay any taxes e.g. wealth tax, income tax or corporate tax.

3. Cost of Living :

Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in Middle East. So before moving to Dubai, living cost also must be considered.

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4. Language and Religion:

Arabic is the official language for entire UAE and Dubai too. However because of majority of employees from different region, other foreign languages like English, Hindi, and Urdu are too spoken in Dubai. English is the mostly spoken language in Dubai.

UAE is completely Muslim dominated country, so Islam is the major religion in there, but people are liberal there.

5. Social Factors :

Dubai offers you the highest quality of living in Middle East and African region. Being an emigrant, everybody is concerned about safety and security to work in abroad. Dubai is one of the safest places in entire UAE region.

It is the place where people from all different region work together. Residents here constitute over 180 distinct nationalities across the world. You can experience only Arabic lifestyle in Dubai, but you will also get to interact and work with people from all different regions across the world.

So be prepared with these factors before applying for job opportunities in Dubai and be sure that you are okay with it. You can take help from Recruitment consultancy for Dubai to find out suitable match for your job profile and shaping your career.

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