20 Tips for recruitment in Middle East from India

Following are some of the blog posts that have been featured on our blog related to recruitment for Middle East countries i.e. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE etc. These blog posts highlight the diverse nature of recruitment needs of these countries along how this need is being fulfilled by recruitment agencies in India.

1. Recruitment Scenario in Kuwait: This blog post highlights the current recruitment scenario in Kuwait.

2. What are the new norms in Kuwait for Indian employees: Published in 11th July 2013, this blog post highlights the new norms that were introduced by Kuwait related to international manpower working in Kuwait along with the new Visa norms issued by the government.

3. What are the new norms in Saudi Arabia for Indian engineers?: There are certain new norms for Indian engineers for working in Saudi Arabia. According to ‘Nitaqat Law’, implemented by the Saudi Arabian government, the 10% of jobs in small and medium scale companies are reserved for locals thus, improving the employment scenario within the country. Find out more about such laws in this blog post.

4. What is the role of a recruitment agency for Gulf Hiring?: This blog post is a brief roadmap for all the Indian’s who would like to work in Gulf countries.

5. What is the scope of engineering industry in Qatar?: As the name suggests, this blog post highlights the current engineering scope in Qatar for Indians.

6. Kuwait Manpower Recruitment Consultants from India: If you are looking for getting employed in the country that is located at the western edge of India (Kuwait) then this is the right blog post for you.

7. What is the vacant position’s status in Kuwait?: Still looking more for Kuwait? Then find out what is current vacant status in Kuwait through this blog post.

8. Career scope 2013 in Qatar: Though this blog post was featured on April 2013 but it is still worth a read for all those who are planning to get a job in Kuwait.

9. UAE as one of the best countries to work in Gulf – We give you 5 reasons why UAE is considered as one of the best countries to work in Middle East.

10. What is the Oman Industrial Status?: We are talking about the industrial development in Oman and how you can benefit from this industrial up-gradation that Oman is currently witnessing.

11.  Contribution of Engineers for the Infra Development in Oman: We highlight how Engineers from around the world are contributing to Infra development scenario in Oman.

12. Technician Recruitment Agency for Qatar Companies: We highlight some of the features are mandatory for a technical recruitment agency for recruitment in Qatar.

13. How to choose right target industry for Kuwait?: This blog post is for the candidates who have made up their mind to work in Qatar and are now looking for the right industry to initiate their career.

14. Oil & Gas Recruitment Agency for Oman: Oman having abundant reserves of Oil and Gas, thus, making it one of the most sought after recruitment opportunities in Oman.

15. Construction Recruitment Agency for Kuwait: Kuwait, a country where economy structure is completely tax free and witnessing a surge in GDP. This blog post highlights only one aspect of the booming construction industry and its recruitment demands.

16. Saudi Arabia Recruitment Consultants from India: Are you aiming for a high paying Job in Saudi Arabia and don’t know to go about it? Check out this blog post that educates you how you can go about it.

17. Construction scope in Dubai: Dubai being one of the favorite destinations for employment globally, we highlight the construction recruitment scope in Dubai from India.

18. Demand of Construction engineers in UAE and Saudi Arabia: Though this blog post was featured around 1 Year back in November 2012, its message is still true and there is still an acute shortage of qualified construction engineers not only in UAE and Saudi Arabia but the entire Middle East.

19. Are You Looking For International Recruitment?: What are the initial steps that would help you find a job outside India? Check this blog post to know the answer.

20. What is the working status for Construction Industry in Oman? : We explore from a cultural and emotional side that how different is it to work in a construction industry in Oman for an Indian.

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