Remote Staffing Companies In India

Hiring remote staff can benefit your organization by bringing in skills that are scarce in your company location. In turn, remote work benefits staff by offering the option to pursue the job they really want, without the need to relocate from their current location. But attracting and retaining remote workers brings its own set of big challenges.

For this, you need to take remote staffing services and hire remote staffing companies in India to get the best suite employee for your organization. Find out how to redesign and rebuild your hiring process with the help of remote manpower outsourcing companies to recruit and hire remote employees, then how to effectively manage and retain them.

Why Is There A Need For Best Remote Staffing Services In India

Our Latest Customer Satisfaction Survey showed that 99% of clients were satisfied with our services. Here are the things that mattered to them most.



We protect your investment in energy, time, and money when working with remote staff. Our remote staff platform provides you the service of live monitoring your remote staff members and validates their working hours. 


Why use a service where you have to do all the work? We do the talent matching on your behalf and place only the quality outsourced staff from time to time as per your needs.


Our rates are all-inclusive and include all our services; HR, IT, Payroll, Compliance, and Clients Support. All our clients receive a dedicated Account Manager for daily one-to-one support as per they required.



We manage the administration, payroll, and corporate governance required to hire remote workers. Our experienced HR team takes the hard work out of your hands. In this context, they relieve you from the burden and you will easily do your best on your core work.


Since 1994 we have helped over 2,500 businesses realize their potential. We have placed more than 1,000+ staff in home-based remote working roles all across the world. With 15 years of proven strategies, we mitigate your risk and greatly improve your chances of offshore staff success. We have a high level of expertise in the field of manpower recruitment and staffing solution related to the job market, current market trends, and remote recruitment practices that are being followed.


We partner with our clients over the long term. With a no-project work or freelancer mentality, we ensure more value and better impact from your outsourcing operations. If you value loyal and committed staff we are your long-term partner.


Using MME’s remote staffing services from Delhi will result in lower recruitment and staffing outsourcing cost. We will manage the entire employment process, so employers do not need to worry about the cost related to employee screening, testing of their profile, payroll processing and administration, etc.

Hire Remote Staff In Any Domain

Struggling to grow your business? Unable to find the right talent?

MME makes it easy to hire talented, dedicated professionals in just about any domain so that you can focus on increasing your ROI.

Your Stop Destination For Remote Staffing Solutions.

Whether you are a start-up or an established entrepreneur, the competitive business environment keeps throwing one challenge after another. And hiring remote staff minus the headache of recruitment, accounts, office space, overheads, etc is one of the best ways to stay on top of the game. At MME, we have a vast pool of talented and highly experienced professionals who can work remotely for any client anywhere in the world.

MM Enterprises is the leading manpower recruitment and remote staffing company in Delhi India in domains such as Engineering, IT, Education, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Medical, Architecture, and the list goes beyond.

With years of experience, we have been sourcing the right resources from the competitive market and also helping you in retaining the highly-skilled best-fit talent of your organization. We have the required technology, skills, and expertise to benefit you with our best-in-class recruitment and staffing services. This is the reason our past and existing clients have entitled us as one of the best remote staffing companies in Delhi.

MME provides Sample CVs to let companies analyze the quality of the talent pool we maintain. Ask for your Demo CVs today.

We have expertise in and experienced professionals from different industries and backgrounds namely Finance & AccountingAgriculture, Science & Technology, Health & Nutrition, and various other domains. Our learned HR experts can also assist you in making employee contracts for project-based hiring.

From Manpower Recruitment & Staffing, Payroll Processing Services for national and global organizations to comprehensive HR consultancy services, we cater to a large epergne of HR services. Let’s have a small talk about your business requirements at [email protected] or call us at (+91) 981-028-1163.