Ontario: Labour Ministry to keep check on Civil Supervisors

Ontario: Labour Ministry to keep check on Civil Supervisors

The Inspectors from MOL (Ministry of Labour) are keeping a close eyeon the working of Civil Supervisors at the construction sites. They will keep a constant check on the safety measures taken by Supervisors for workers present on the project site. Surprise visits will be made during the months of September and October.

Feeble supervision may lead to hazards. This includes workmen not wearing proper equipments at construction sites or not following rules and regulations for Safe construction, says Inspector.

The Inspector will take care of:

  • Construction projects are carried out by skilled Supervisor.
  • Supervisors execute regular inspections at site.
  • Supervisor must ensure every worker, working at construction site wear safety equipments, protection devices.
  • Supervisors should make new and young workers understand the job at construction sites and provide them adequate supervision.

Supervisors were involved in several violations under the Provincial Offences Act in 2011, as told by Ministry of Labour. Part I summons is an offence in which the offender has to attend the hearing in court and if declared, pay a fine of $1,000. The offences forced Supervisors to ensure every worker wear Safety equipments and head gear for fall protection and to ensure the safety of workers with protected railings. Since 2008, MOL has conducted more than 345,000 surprise visits at construction sites and issued more than 560,000 compliance orders.

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