Netherland: Smart Highways glow in dark

Roads in Netherland are being constructed smartly to promote safe and comfortable driving experience. The designing and planning of smart roads is carried by a duo of Dutch design firms. A new trick to improve visibility at night and during winter season is implemented by Studio Roosegaarde and Hejimans Infrastructure. The simple trick is just a ‘new paint’. The paint used in Smart highways is treated with Luminous Powder. The Luminous content added to paint helps it get charged during day time and glows continuously for ten hours at night.

The ‘Dynamic Paint’ technology is also being used in the design. The dynamic paint works at certain temperatures. The paint glows when ice crystals are formed over it and this makes drivers cautious about pavement and forces them to drive carefully.

The design aims for every car and driver irrespective of make, model or price. Every driver will be benefitted with the technology, not just those who pay heavy price for high-tech information systems. The ‘Smart Highway’ plan has been awarded with the ‘Best Future Concepts’ at the Dutch Design Awards, where its first prototype was introduced.

The plan is under final consideration and changes are being made in the design. The change comprise of an ‘Electric Priority Lane’ which charges electric vehicles, the time they drive over and ‘Wind Lights’ which illuminates only when a car approaches it. “The first phase of construction of Smart Highways will be completed by mid-2013. The phase will not include charging lanes as the technology is not fit at this particular moment, says Roosegaarde and Hejimans in a meeting.

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