Is customer-centric HR the next frontier in HRM

Getting the right talent has moved to the top of the CEO’s agenda. According to the annual CEO survey by PwC, 63 per cent of CEOs are concerned about talent shortages and the availability of key skills. But does HR possess the capabilities to deliver on the CEO’s agenda? HR management guru, Dave Ulrich, says human resource needs to shift focus from inside a company to outside and concentrate on end customer alignment when hiring and mentoring talent. Our panel of experts discusses how HR can train its focus on the end customer


Focus on outcomes rather than output: Pankaj Bansal

Pankaj Bansal

It is time HR departments moved beyond just creating a culture of keeping employees happy and meeting their expectations. The customer needs to be treated as a major stakeholder in the workforce strategy, the workforce policy and the workforce technology, besides the work culture. Due weightage should be given to employees, investors and social frameworks while keeping the customer at the centre. Enter HR version 3.0 or the new world of workforce management. So while version 1.0 of HR was about process and policy compliance and version 2.0 focused around talent and technology. Now is the time to bring the customer at centre stage with V3.0.

In a customer-centric organisation, servicing the customer permeates every level, from top to the frontline and from the back office to the storefront. For example, a well-known airline company linked the employee incentive directly to customer feedback, when they provided performance cash vouchers to travelers (customers) requesting them to give them to employees who delighted them. These vouchers were budgeted in the monthly incentive payout of the employees.


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