HR And Talent Management: The Top 10 Human Capital Trends For 2015

Recently Deloitte released their report on Human Capital Trends for 2015, which explores everything from the on-demand workforce to reinventing HR to data and analytics to much more. If you have a few minutes I highly recommend you check it out. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Josh Bersin from Bersin by Deloitte, he was one of the authors of the report and is a world leading expert on HR and talentmanagement.


In this episode of the future of work podcast Josh gives a unique “big picture” view as to how these trends are impacting the world of HR and talent management. Our talk covers leadership, learning, culture, workforce on demand, performance management and re-inventing HR. We also talk about analytics, the simplification of work, as well as machines as talent. While this podcast is especially relevant to you if you are a HR leader, it is just as relevant to you if you are an employee trying to understand how your job is going to change or how your career might evolve in the future. Let me know what you think!

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