How Employers can Help the HR Department in Hiring the Best Talent

Talent acquisition and management is the prime responsibility of HR department within an organization. Usually, employers cling to their competent HR personnel to hire the efficient workforce to get a competitive edge over their counterparts. The organizations with huge ambitions structure stringent policies for recruiting & prospering the best talent.

In such a context, if a company lacks talent in their work environment, it directly affects their business ROI (Return on Investment). A research conducted by Harvard Business Review says that approximately 35-40% companies around the globe are always in the dearth of key skills and hence, experience the talent shortage.

Employers can help the HR department in employing the best talent- this truth sounds strange but undeniable. A company has a rapport in the market for the products/ services it offers to the consumers. HR professionals often boast their reputation among the potential candidates to convince them and line-up their interviews. Let’s read further to know the determining factors how an employer assists in dominating the talent market.

Branding of Employer

Branding of an employer is all about a set of characteristics and attributes of an organization that makes it mark a distinctive identity. Mostly, the branding of a company is intangible and also includes the positive work culture which attracts talent the most to be associated with such a company.

The buzz about a company in the market drives a talented professional to decide whether to work with the same conglomerate or not. According to the Glassdoor Head of Global Recruiting, “a company that concentrates on employer branding always cracks the best talent to work with it.

It gets easy for an HR professional to seamlessly explore and hire the best talent if the branding of their employer is considered on a positive note. Surprisingly, the stats testify that an employer with great branding attracts over 3 times as many candidatures per opening and their cost-per-hire reduce to half.

Employer Value Proposition does matter

Employer Value Proposition (EVP) plays the most pivotal role in reinforcing the brand of an employer. An organization’s values and policies are outlined by EVP that helps the HR department to offer the unambiguous overview of the company to the potential talent they are seeking for.

Also, EVP helps the existing talent remain always motivated and objective-driven. The significant planning & research is the key for the HR department to analyze Employer Value Proposition. It includes how the HR personnel is going to elaborate the employer while conducting talent recruitment drive.

People want to deal with people

“People want to deal with people”- it’s a popular quote by Meghan M. Biro, CEO of TalentCulture. It simply means that the personal touch by the employer in a talent recruitment drive works like the garnishing works for a chef’s special dish.

Personal involvement of the employer while hiring the talent is quite an impressive gesture and helps in convincing the prospective employees to join a company. It also helps the HR department as the challenge of hiring the best talent reduces its intensity once the employer directly involves in the recruitment process.


Apart from the aforesaid factors, the other relevant aspect is how the employer gets indulged in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and other causes to build an image in the market also helps the HR department to present their company in a good light. The moral of the story is the consciousness of employer for brand building mainly decides how daunting or easy-going the talent recruitment affair is going to be for the HR.