How COVID-19 is changing employee’s experience

How COVID-19 is changing employee’s experience


With COVID-19 coming into the picture, the Indian economy is going through a major slowdown, which was evident over the recent quarters even before the crisis struck. In the third quarter of the current financial year, the economy grew at a six-year low rate of 4.7%. With all these problems hitting the world of work from multiple directions, companies are finding it difficult to sustain in this environment. They are forced to take tough decisions such as cutting down the salaries, giving pink slips to employees and opting for other cost-cutting measures. The outbreak has presented new roadblocks for the Indian workforce and especially for the daily wage and contractual workers. And we are always here to support you for any job in any sector for temporary and permanent recruitment solutions and staffing solutions by the top manpower recruitment agency and staffing company in India.

Below points describe how COVID-19 is changing employee’s experience-


Increased employee happiness and retention: It should come as no surprise that people love working remotely. And happy employees stay at their jobs for a long time. Here are a few of the many perks remote working offers:

Go wherever you want – You are being able to move anywhere in the world and done your job from wherever you want. It’s make our tough life easy.

More time with the people who matter – Working remotely allows employees to spend more time with their parents, kids and also to move closer to their family members and friends.

Improved quality of life – Being able to choose where you live is a key to happiness. City life is stressful for some and they would prefer to live in the middle of nowhere. But others enjoy all the activity an urban area offers.

Save time and money – Commuting isn’t just costly. It also sucks time and energy out of people before they even get to the office. But when you work at home, you can start as soon as you wake up.


Employee Engagement: Employee engagement is not an easy thing to accomplish.  By and large, it really depends on the type of organization and the type of workers typically employed by said organization. When a company then adds remote workers into the mix, one can see how it gets more difficult to see success in a strategy. In some ways, it’s easy for human resources to develop this idea remote workers don’t need engagement.  The opposite is actually true.  Remote workers tend to be very productive.  Most statistics back up this claim.

A solid remote worker is typically described as: Self-Disciplined, Adaptable, Flexible, Strong communicators, Independent, Confident, and Reliable. In this MM Enterprises the leading manpower recruitment consultancy in India for the best staffing services in India in domains such as Engineering, IT’s, Education, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Medical, Architecture and the list goes beyond.


Work from home / Work from anywhere: With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, work from home has become the new method of productivity. Thus several employers in 2020, as well as job aspirants, are interested in hiring candidates who are equally efficient in-home environment. Also work from home provides scopes of proper work-life balance and reduced stress which increases productivity. Thus employees learned or skilled in particular job aspects that are possible from homes might be preferred.