Five tips to effectively & efficiently manage your remote workforce

Five tips to effectively & efficiently manage your remote workforce

As companies take serious steps to protect employees from the spread of coronavirus by restricting mobility, remote work has become the new normal. However, maintaining strong and productive relationships with co workers and clients can be challenging when you never see them in-person. Yet, thanks to today’s advanced technology, teams can collaborate and communicate remotely with ease, and still feel like they are meeting face to face.

Managers of remote teams do all the same things in office managers do: Remote employee hiring, onboarding, performance reviews, weekly check ins, and more. We just do them a little differently many such resources you need to know and succeed. Yes, many use the Zoom calls to keep up face time with their team members, but managing employees who work from home 100% of the time takes more strategic thinking and intentional planning than simply recreating in office scenarios in a virtual world.

Over time, as the technology gone advanced and time changed, working from home is become more desirable. People wanted the flexibility to manage their life and work as well, and to set their own hours where possible. Plus, many companies realized that there was a wealth of talent waiting for them outside the radius of commuting distance. Work from home tools, like online project management software and virtual conferencing platforms, made this transition ease and possible. Today, working from home can be fully considered a booming trend. In fact, it is saving much time of companies, keeping them productive and creating efficiencies to help their bottom line.

Below are the five tips to effectively & efficiently manage your remote workforce-

Set clear objectives

The workforce needs to be directed towards the common goal. The organization performs what is needed, but employees are not so serious about the company goal. Being transparent with the workforce about the company goals and making them realize their importance can be a great help. Sometimes, the management needs to spare extra time and repeat the goal recognition activity. It is crucial to make the workforce understand the depth of seriousness when working on a particular task. Completing the work is never the motive, but expected results and positive outcomes are. The organization must host some activities or group discussions that clarify the values, motive and ethics of the work. 

Focus on communication with team

As the coronavirus outbreak evolves, share as much information and updates with your team as possible. Communicate regularly with your remote employees. Have various ways to reach them via emails, chats, and remote meetings. Prepare coronavirus task forces and groups on team messaging. Also, create tutorials or guides on working from home, dealing with isolation and other relevant topics. This will show your empathy and keep your staff engaged. And will make it easier for them to cope with the current situation.

Setting up engagement activities

Engaging remote workers is quite important with the help of employer of record services provider it could be easier way to engaging with tech activity. To retain the in house employees for the longest period, interacting with them works the best. Organizations should accelerate engagement activities on a daily basis that eventually affects the productivity of the employees. Weekly, monthly or quarterly, the organization should invest some efforts and time in promoting the employee work culture. Setting up some interesting webinars or activities can help boost the workforce and ensure their engagement and dedication towards the organizational goals. 

Avoid micro management

Trust your remote employees and give them the freedom to make decisions. Do not check in constantly to see if they are doing their tasks as they work from home. Give them directions, answer their questions and allow them to do their jobs autonomously. Also, develop a high trust culture by letting your staff know that you trust them. Doing this will keep them engaged effective in their working and will help your company get through the current crisis.

Outsource your payroll to payroll service provider

Remote workers require a higher level of HR support than those in house. Engaging with a payroll outsourcing service provider is help you to manage your business effectively & efficiently. Payroll needs delivers a more flexible, responsive, and effective payroll management service for your remote workers. After all, peo services provider work remotely themselves, so their practices are already optimized for providing support at an arm’s length.

At MME, we can help set up and manage all the payroll needs of your remote workers, wherever they are. From scratch to end, we can partner with you to deploy the necessary software solution that ensures total security driven protocols and are set up correctly, time saving.