Coronavirus: Resources you need to know and succeed


Coronavirus: Resources you need to know and succeed


If you are not worried about your immediate survival in the current national lockdown, then your next worry is how this impacts your employer and your future.

Like most professionals, your job is still and will remain your primary source of income whether you associate with the small or big organization it is the most valuable part of your life and this unpredictable crisis appears to be a major threat all over in the short, medium and big term.

If you are not working in essential services, you have less work during a shutdown with no business, leading to frustration and anxiety to all.

Today, more than any other time in history, online learning is happening all over the world—whether you’re listening to podcasts, taking online courses, or reading, you are doing some form of distance learning, many of them just preparing their after COVID-19 tasks how they can cover-up their Business as one of leading.

At this moment, we still don’t know how life will change after the Coronavirus.

One thing we know is that we were not prepared for such a sudden life change as time goes on, it is yet to be seen how business will pan out online in the public and private sectors.


So, here i let you know some resources you need to know and succeed for lifelong:


The main affects we can see in the HR Recruitment Industry where hiring and firing both will do on the Remote basis. There are a lot of challenges Recruiters and HR professionals come across when they all first entering the world of remote hiring and onboarding.


Tips for remote hiring

In this step you all will know the tips and insights from MME how we hiring in the fully remote environment from many years. Response to the urgent requirement for many companies to transition to a fully remote workplace because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are always here to support you terms of better pricing and solutions in your temporary and permanent staffing solutions by top Recruitment Consultancy in India. This method is said that the hiring virtually and in-office the main difference in the interviewing process is that the interviews we conduct via various online sources. Meanwhile there is no change in the screening process.

How to Hire, engage and retain remotely

Continuous engagement with the selected passive candidates is one of the most important key in this industry also it helps us to tackle with the challenges that are facing in recruitment on time. Candidate engagement is defined as the process of continuous communication with the selected candidate.

As this is the main challenge many organization is facing that is to hold the candidate till the joining in company. The ways to tackle with this first you take a help from the complete recruitment agency in delhi that provide permanent staffing solutions firm.

Second, is you need to create a long term plan and strategy to hold the active and passionate candidates by sending them the regular messages and email to engage them.

How to deal with high volume hiring

High-volume hiring also known as mass recruitment – refers to filling positions on a larger scale than normal, in a shorter time frame. A business usually needs to hire employees on masses due to rapid growth, new opportunities and expansion to new markets or regions.

Seasonality is also a factor where demand for new workforce can fluctuate wildly depending on time. Just like now due to COVID-19 the positions in demand are manufacturing, health and pharmacy etc.

We at MM Enterprises dealing with mass level of hiring from the last two decades. Where the team of HR people’s deal daily with the high level positions of recruitment and staffing.

Pros & cons of virtual interviewing

Let’s be straight about it going fully virtual with the hiring process will ruin something bigger if you are not professional in that. So, in that case Manpower Recruitment Consultants here to assist you better in that process.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of one-way video interviewing – in other words, you send candidates the questions and they respond with recorded answers or so.

However, just because we’re saying there are cons to one-way video interviews don’t mean you shouldn’t do them – in fact MME doing their almost client’s hiring remotely by virtual interviewing them with the success rate of 99% in potential hiring.