Best five PEO companies in India

best five peo companies in india

A Global PEO company is a third-party HR outsourcing firm that acts as a co-employer with your company. While you still manage your business’s day-to-day operations, your employees have two employers: you and the Global PEO company. Through contractual sharing of employer responsibilities, the best International PEO acts as the administrative employer, and your organization acts as the work site employer. This means the PEO provides and manages human resource services like your organization’s payroll processing, benefits, insurance, and workers’ compensation, etc. 

A best international PEO can usually give you access to a wider range of benefits options, often at better rates, than what you could access on your own as a small or medium-sized organization. Through a PEO, your employees gain access to big business benefits and have a single point of contact for information and questions. This can help you recruit and retain better talent for your organization. Below we are going to discuss some of the best PEO companies in India.

Best five PEO companies in India

Global PEO Services is our pick for the PEO for large businesses because it is the PEO created specifically for franchises and hotel management. A global PEO Company service has extensive experience in working with some of the country’s most popular franchises. A company with over 15 years of experience, they pride themselves on their technical expertise and being a trusted partner for foreign enterprises who wish to establish a presence in India. Along with a set of experts and accredited professionals, we customize your India presence. Global PEO Company serves a unique basket of services that complements your business to make a soft landing in India’s market and set up operations without direct investment.

MM Enterprises is the pick for the leading PEO service company in India standing for the last 27 years in global PEO solutions. MME is a unified technology platform to help businesses of all sizes to hire, manage and pay for global resources right on time. They can be your entity in any country so you do not have to take the trouble of creating an entity of your own to hire international employees. Their team of HR experts is proficient in the end to end HR management services, right from the hiring stage to training & development. They make client’s service an enjoyable and reliable experience, no matter the company’s size.

MME offers tailor-made global PEO solutions with the complete flexibility to adapt them to your company’s requirements. From setting up your offices in India, recruiting it with the right talent, and hosting them in the perfect space, they are with you through every step of the hiring process. MM Enterprises have handled HR management projects with modernized methods of technologies for their local, national, and international clients and some of the Fortune listed 500+ organizations.

NH Global Partners is the best pick for startups because it provides full-service support with the attention to detail of a smaller provider. NH Global is run by he popular payroll processing company which is why it makes an appearance on our list. However, NH Global Partners takes a different approach from its parent company, offering instead specialized programs that are custom tailored to popular industries. It is a Global PEO Company that is truly startup friendly, taking into account the unique needs of small businesses. Available in all 50 states, there is even regulatory support suitable for your industry.

Paychex is our pick because it is the perfect autonomous partner that every business owner needs to help manage their employees. Instead of working as the middleman, Paychex works directly with employees for HR support. That makes it better able to assess a company and provide in-depth risk management services. If you work with Paychex as your PEO service company, you will benefit from a payroll account manager and human resource generalist.

Husys offers a standard, straightforward plan that bundles payroll outsourcing services, employee benefits, HR administration, and risk management. Husys, started in the year 2002 with a vision to help the SMEs of the country get a proper structure for their businesses and their human resources leading them to succeed. They strive hard to achieve their mission to enable the businesses of their clients. With a dedicated and experienced HR professional team, Husys is now a pioneer in handling HR function management and HR consulting services in diverse field.