Be aware of Fraud Recruitment Consultants

Searching for right job is never a child’s play. There are innumerable intricacies associated with a job search. But with the advent of internet technology, job search has become way more convenient. There are many job consultants available online who promise you guaranteed dream job. Amidst all these facilities, applicants ought to be utterly alert while making choice of job consultancy. It is required because there are many recruitment consultancies which rip off applicants in lieu of job. There are hundreds of job scams out there ready to trap you in. When you encounter such hardships while looking for the best job, then you might even get discouraged or lose heart.  At times, it gets very frustrating to deals with such fraudulent recruitment agencies.

Those who are behind these scams do not care about anybody’s career. There are only greedy after money. It is not of their concern whether you are unemployed for years and desperately in need of a job. The more desperate you are, the more money you are ready to part with for a good job. Fraudulent job agencies take advantage of your need.

But there is nothing to fear or worry as there are ways to keep a check on fraud recruitment consultancies. Before finalising any recruitment agency do a back ground check. See, how long have they been in this profession. Are they really good at placing applicants in good companies? Whether they have touch base with MNCs and companies abroad? After doing a thorough check, then only put your faith in that recruitment agency.

A recruitment agency like MM Enterprises helps you follow your dreams. They have strong circuit of companies which are in need of engineers, medical professionals, civil engineers, teachers, management professionals, accountants, mining professionals, etc. Trust a recruitment agency having a team of highly experienced people who can guide you thoroughly through the recruitment drives. They are well versed with the knowledge about recruitment process in various companies and thus help you prepare accordingly.

Tutorial on How to Conduct an Interview

Much has been said about how to prepare for a job interview, however, there is very less written on how to conduct an interview. Selecting interviewee basis their loyalty towards the company along with their ability to contribute to the company is not a child’s play. An inexperienced interviewer can endanger the quality of workforce recruited to perform operations in a company. A company is a group of people working together to achieve a common objective. If people selected for a company do not work in rhythm with the company’s goals and objectives then it is destined to doom.

An interviewer should be able to read between the lines in a resume. Interviewer should review resume very carefully and derive a brief summary on each. Be clear in your mind what you are going to ask interviewee in the interview. What qualities are you looking for in the interview? What are the needs of the hiring company and the process? Interviewer must prepare a set of questions based on information provided in the resume itself. Apart from this interviewer should be in a position to just whether the interviewee has genuine interest in the current opening for which hiring is going on.

Observe the body language of the person, the way and tone of responses. Is the interviewee confident or confused? Whether he/she makes eye contact or not? Chart out the pros and cons about the applicant as soon as the interview gets over. This won’t take long to pen down but this will definitely provide you with an insight about the candidate while preparing a cumulative result of the interview process.

Following these guidelines systematically will help you in recruiting the best manpower for your organisation. All the best for your head hunt.