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Business in Russia 2011

Highly skilled foreigners will receive a work permit in Russia outside the quotas

Highly skilled foreigners will receive a work permit in Russia outside kvotPrinyat on Friday in the second reading of amendments to the Law on Legal Status of Foreign Citizens “suggested the State Duma Committee on Constitutional Law. The document submitted by the Government and passed on first reading in February 2009 the second reading, he seriously adjusted, said committee chairman Vladimir Pligin: changes relate to the order of highly skilled professionals, it is done on behalf of President Dmitry Medvedev for the development of innovative projects. 

Highly skilled foreigners will receive a work permit in Russia outside the quota of the Federal Migration Service (FMS), it will be enough written request referred to in the draft. Application form approved by the Government, it must be considered within 14 days. Now the paperwork for foreigners goes from 12 to 23 months, said a spokesman for Economic Development. 

The level of specialist qualification will be determined by the salary: it should not exceed 2 mln. per year. Government may reduce this amount, the document says. Minister of Economic Nabiullina reported that the amount may be reduced for those who will work in innograda Skolkovo reminds Pligin. 

Permission to highly qualified specialists will be issued for the entire duration of the employment contract, but no more than 3 years (now – 1 year) with unlimited number of renewals. Simultaneously with the resolution of a foreign specialist and his family and get a residence permit in Russia. The changes will affect and taxes: for highly skilled non-resident personal income tax rate will be the same as for the Russians – 13% (now – 30%). 

The amendments will enter into force on January 1, 2011 

Radical simplification of the immigration laws for foreign experts to the proposals contained in the Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation to improve the investment climate. This was a key requirement, explained ministry official: upgrading without a clever frame is impossible. 

Corrections preparing FMS knows the State Duma deputy. According to a representative of FMS Konstantin Poltoranin, taken as a basis the experience of Germany, where highly skilled migrants are separated from the other largest revenue. Highly skilled experts – only 2-3% of all foreigners who receive permission to work in Russia, with innograda Skolkovo law is not related, says Poltoranin. 

Companies in Russia with one voice welcome the change. Now the employer is obliged to annually submit to the FMS list of future foreign employees complained spokesman Vimpelcom Anna Aybasheva: companies already by May 1, had to send to the FMS list of employees, which she would like to see in themselves in 2011 in VimpelCom, According Aybashevoy, 13 foreign executives. The representative of TNK-BP said that the changes are unlikely to significantly affect the company’s activities: TNK-BP has a program of development of competencies and replacement of senior staff members are planned for a long time. In 2008, during a dispute between shareholders of TNK-BP (BP and Alfa-Group », Access Industries and Renova), problems with foreign staff began precisely with the immigration authorities. 

According to the president of Euroset Alexander Malis, excessively high levels of 2 million rubles. – Abroad, you can find good people, and for 1.5 million rubles. per year. 

An amount of 2 million rubles. optimal, objected Partner Baker & McKenzie Eugene Reisman, amendments in the best way affect the ability of foreigners to work in Russia, their number could grow by hundreds of people. But the level culture and characteristics of business development in Russia still differ significantly from those to which foreigners are accustomed to.


Source by Artem Kobiz