Why Small Business Should Think about Cloud Based Bookkeeping Services


In this modern era, using the exact technology is an essential part of running a business. However, technology is budding so quickly that it can be difficult to know exactly what software to look for simple bookkeeping. There are many questions in the minds of a small business owner:

  • How much corporation tax is due?
  • How is the company performing – companies’ health?
  • Are the bank details in sync with the accounts?
  • What’s the Value Added Tax (VAT) liability?
  • How much are the business expenses, have all the transaction been invoiced and what’s the impact on the net take home amount?

Outsourcing bookkeeping services is the easiest way small business can take to free up time for other work. Instead of spending time working with each separate invoice before emailing it out, cloud based accounting softwares manage the process for small business. When an invoice is marked as paid, the payment shows up in the balance sheet. In cases where small businesses are not quite ready to hire an accountant, but have enough income to track the business activities over the course of the year, cloud based accounting software is a perfect fit.

Nomisma Solution is cloud-based bookkeeping software programmed and designed keeping the client requirements in mind. Our solution is simple to use, yet comprehensive in its capabilities, and has been designed to cater all small businesses across United Kingdom. We are certain that Nomisma is the most cost effective cloud accounting software for small business and ensure business owners can leave their bookkeeping matters in the hands of experts and get working on the critical matters within their day to day operations. Nomisma Solution allows more rapid collaboration, data sharing, advice-giving in real time. Bookkeepers can now concentrate more on important things such as financial management or raw material management and make things work better. Bookkeeping is a dreaded task, where business owners normally feel that they should have a qualified accountant. Earlier, bookkeeping involved recording and retrieving of transactions manually as entries into books of accounts (journals/ledgers) on a daily basis, before the age of bookkeeping softwares. In today’s world, bookkeepers are operating on the cloud. We, Nomisma Solution, have removed the stress by streamlining every process:

 Weekly Bookkeeping Tasks

  • Follow up with unpaid client invoices
  • Label expenses
  • Deposit check payments at the bank
  • Follow up with unaccepted pitches
  • Apply client deposits to invoices
  • Run payroll

Monthly Bookkeeping Tasks

  • Send checks to vendors
  • Make sure new vendors are properly recorded
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Analyze the spending pattern

Quarterly Bookkeeping Tasks

  • Analyze and verify the quarterly reports
  • Quarterly Value Added Tax (VAT) return filings
  • Balance Sheet Report, Income Statement, Accounts Receivable Report and Accounts Payable Reports
  • Ensure payroll tax returns are filed and taxes paid

Features that Nomisma has to offer 

  • Real-Time updates – Manage income and expense
  • Work from anywhere – Choose from desktop or cloud based solutions
  • Grow the business – Invoice customers with professional, customizable invoices
  • Fully integrated Modules – Keep bank and accounts accurate with easy bank reconciliation. No limits to the number of transactions you can enter
  • Manage dates and deadlines – Automatically calculate and submit Value Added Tax (VAT) returns securely to HMRC before the deadline
  • Constant updates and new features being added as per the requirement
  • Can be used as a simple bookkeeping software or clients can even operate it as a highly refined accounting/compliance and CRM management system.
  • Secure Access
  • Unlimited Training & Support

Reconcile Petty Cash 

It is essential to monitor petty cash because it is often small amounts that don’t seem that significant. Nomisma Solution makes it easy to track this money.

  • Expenses – Whenever the business takes money out, an expense entry is created in Nomisma to show how much was spent, for what and when
  • Deposits – Whenever the business adds money to petty cash, Nomisma creates a deposit to show how much was added and when

With the number of reporting requirements on UK small businesses, it is important that all businesses keep consistent, accurate and all-inclusive financial records. For all the small businesses in the United Kingdom that demand simple bookkeeping software, Nomisma is apt for them as it is error-free and compatible. Our team’s experience in handling simple bookkeeping provides clients the most proficient and productive bookkeeping solution available. Bookkeeping module offers:

  • Sales invoices, credit notes, Value Added Tax (VAT) only invoice, multi-currency invoicing, multi-trade invoicing, batch upload
  • Purchase bills, subcontractor bills, debit notes, purchase invoice uploads
  • Save purchase bills (PDF, word or any other copies on system)
  • Mobile app
  • CIS – subcontractor and contractor statements
  • Journal entries
  • File VAT returns online
  • Linked to Payroll and Self Assessment and Accounts-production modules
  • Takings Sheet for Cash / Retail / Restaurant business
  • Powerful reporting, such as: VAT comparison report, management reports, balance sheet, trial balance, profit and loss, departmental reports, detailed audit trail, detailed ledger report and transactional report
  • Debtor summary, debtor detail, creditor summary and creditor detailed report
  • Unique modules, such as: allowances and reimbursement modules, use of home as office, receipt management (on mobile as well)
  • Multi-currency and direct feed from bank
  • Dividends processed and dividend vouchers generated
  • Expense-management and processing
  • Auto-reconciliation, saving hundreds of hours of reconciliation time
  • Email invoices directly from software
  • Query sheet to resolve queries
  • Departmental accounting
  • Flat Rate Scheme VAT
  • Reference letters, saving many hours to produce income reference letters for your clients

Nomisma – Bookkeeper payroll software

Nomisma provides everything needed to manage payroll. Nomisma is both easy to use and fully compliant with the latest legislation.

  • Increases efficiency and control – Fully integrated with other modules
  • Once you have submitted RTI, the system automatically updates books and manages accounts
  • File RTI at the press of a button
  • Easy and flexible – Auto-payroll means that all regular payroll runs can be carried out by the system
  • Excellent reports – Generates P45 and P60. All working papers and documents can be saved online with payroll


Nomisma is designed to meet the needs of accountants and small businesses. Our price is £8 per month plus (+) VAT for bookkeeping and £20 per month plus (+) VAT for all modules and at this price Nomisma is hard to beat. No bookkeeping and accounting/compliance software is as attractive as Nomisma with regard to price, capability, and usability.


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