Why do Indian job seekers still struggle to get a relevant job?

India is the pool of vast talent but the black spot of unemployment is still there. Do you think there is the scarcity of jobs in India? Not at all, neither the employers nor the job seekers are less in numbers. Then what is the issue that most of the Indian job seekers struggle hard to land on the relevant job? The lack of knowledge and skills for professional resume writing is the major area of concern for the job aspirants. Without a shadow of doubt, they are pretty much qualified, experienced and possess immense skills but the reasons that drag them from getting the most efficient job offers are mentioned below:

Lack of awareness for HR trend and technology

The HR technology has covered a long way since years and the saddest part is that the Indian jobseekers are still unaware about the trend and tools in the HR market. The advent in the human resource technologies has brought the spark in the field of employment but the job aspirants are not making the use of it. This is the major reason why they are not landing on the perfect job opportunity.

Inappropriate resume writing skills as per the requirement of job portal sites, recruiters and their own needs.

Most of them don’t have the clarity about the expectation of job portals, software’s and employers. Candidates are even not clear about their job vision hence are still following traditional resume format.
Deficiency of knowledge on how to post the resume on job portals technically
Large proportion of job seekers in India are still striving hard to post their resume on the job sites as they are unaware of the technicalities involved in uploading the resume perfectly at the right place. Following the right steps as per software design while posting the resume on the job portals is quite significant step and the probability of getting the job opportunities depend on the same.

Least idea to advertise the resume online

Marketing the resume online on various search engines and professional and social platforms is something that most of the Indian job aspirants are not aware of. Some of the wise job seekers take the assistance of the experts from resume writing services and bag the competent job offers for them.

There are some prudent job seekers in India following the job search process professionally and getting their dream job easily. It is not that there is lack of job openings in India compared to develop countries. Most of the international job seekers are successful in their career as they are following the job search process professionally and upgrading themselves regularly.