What is the role of Google drive for employee retention?

You might not be interested in following Wall Street Journal every now and then but its latest update is worth reading that explains about the new algorithm of the Internet giant Google for employee retention. Isn’t it wondrous if the employers get to know about the employees who are planning in their minds to move out of the organization? With this, the employers may take necessary steps to retain the employees and make efforts to bind them within the boundaries of the company for a longer period of time. Nobody could have ever thought about such thing to happen but that is what the technology is all about.


Google is all set to predict the list of employees who are dissatisfied with the policies of the organization and ready to quit at any point of time. Some mathematical formula is there that gives the output on the basis of employees’ feedback, payment details, perks and promotions etc. It has already used the formula to identify the number of its employees who are going to quit the job. Though various other companies are yet to use this algorithm to get hold of the employees, Google has tested the same on its 20,000 employees and analyzed the list. Needless to say, the role of Google algorithm is going to do wonders for employee retention in the near future and every single organization will look forward to get the appropriate results.


The formula provides the real time employee morale index that serves as the key factor in recognizing the least interested employees in the organization. The other aspects could be discontentment in pay scale, leave policy, work pressure, promotions and salary hike. The survey is being conducted with the peers in the company and the data is being fetched internally. The procedure is not that simple as it involves mathematical equations and formulas to get the output. Google is ready to give the details of the algorithm to the corporate and is making efforts to bundle it with software.


After discovering the reasons for which the employees are cutting sorry figure from the organization, the employers may approach positively to commence employee engagement programs and patiently deal with the situation. Be it the case of low salary package, unsatisfactory HR policy or issues in perks and promotions, when the employer knows the exact reason for resignation, he may be able to fix the level of discontentment among the employees. The organizations may form a group of the selected employees who are more prone to quit the job and make them feel that their role is justifiable. This will definitely instill a sense of accountability among the employees.


Since the time the retention issues sustain in Google, it was on the platform of devising the ways to settle the problem. This formula is expected to serve the purpose to a greater extent and the organizations may tap the data to take necessary measure for retaining the employees.