Streamlining Business Finances By Understanding What Is Payroll Outsourcing?

What is Payroll Outsourcing

What Is Payroll Outsourcing: An Introduction 

In modern times, the market has become quite competitive. In such circumstances, people are searching for agencies that can help them simplify their tasks and earn better profits. One of the critical aspects of such agencies is to handle payroll outsourcing. Many would even question: what is payroll outsourcing?

All of these questions and more are elaborated upon in this article. But to begin with, payroll outsourcing refers to handling all the finances, such as benefits, perks, salary limit, etc, to a third-party agency. The market is getting somewhat competitive today, which has sparked up a necessity to utilise all of a company’s resources in furthering its progress.

To facilitate the same, companies partner with several third-party agencies that can bring in more expertise and experience. Similarly, payroll outsourcing agencies bring along a group of experts who can assist in creating a better experience for the company and its employees. Therefore, the question of what payroll outsourcing is can only be answered by considering all its facets. 


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What Is Payroll Outsourcing’s Work?

As stated above, even though people know its existence, they do not know its purpose. Such unawareness makes them question what payroll outsourcing is. However, there are a few tasks that can be considered primary for such services.

First steps

First, the company needs to analyse how much of its function it wants to outsource. It can either outsource all of the tasks that come with payroll processing or prefer to outsource a few. For example, many companies outsource only the tax part of the payroll processor.

Selecting Payroll Outsourcing

In today’s age, there are several options available for the same. However, each offers all the essential functions that can fit a company’s needs in terms of payroll processing. Therefore, it becomes the company’s task to analyse each service and determine the best one suitable for their purpose. After doing so, they must agree with the said agency. 

Making payroll happen

After all of the above-said formalities are over, the agency takes up all the payroll duties of a company after it shares all its data. Firstly, the agency must handle all the payments within a company and will be entrusted with providing them in a timely fashion. Secondly, they must take all the taxes and ensure the company faces no legal troubles due to non-compliance. 


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Why Should You Outsource Your Payroll?

People who ask what payroll outsourcing is often find themselves wondering the reasons companies outsource it. To put it in simpler terms, there are several advantages that it can confer on its clients. Read on for more information on why people choose payroll outsourcing services. 

Some of the primary reasons for outsourcing payroll include the following:

  • Managing an in-house payroll processing unit is getting more expensive.
  • Staying up-to-date with all the payroll outsourcing laws and regulations.
  • Simplify the task of changing payments whole hiring or firing.
  • Reporting to the respective authorities at the right time.
  • Staying compliant with all the taxes and ensuring the company does not land in any legal trouble. 


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What Is Payroll Outsourcing’s Pros?

Now that you have read about what payroll outsourcing is let’s check the pros of payroll outsourcing

Saves time

Companies can save a lot of time by outsourcing payroll processing, which requires a different team with expertise. As they handle the finances, these teams have to be very cautious and accurate as well. Such tasks can be hectic. By outsourcing such tasks, companies can save significant time and utilise it for something beneficial. 

Common time-taking responsibilities

Several tasks come along with such responsibilities. For example, calculating all the fluctuating lays, signing and distributing all the paychecks, generating reports for in-house accountants, etc. All of this requires expertise and extreme attention to detail. As agencies are well equipped with all the latest technology and expertise, they can do it quickly. The answers to the question: what is payroll outsourcing that enlists all the everyday tasks?

Mitigate payroll mistakes

Making any mistake in the payroll can cost a company a lot of trouble, financially and legally. However, as payroll includes such minute aspects, it becomes challenging to keep up with it all. In-house teams must abide by all the rules and sometimes even look over minor errors caused. However, with the help of such services, companies can easily create error-free financial assessments and create pay stubs accurately.

Data Security

When companies opt for an agency that has already set a name in the market, they protect their data. While outsourcing payroll management responsibilities, companies must share significant data crucial to the company. Therefore, it becomes most important to choose an agency with some experience and good reviews to speak on its behalf.



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What Is Payroll Outsourcing’s Cons?

Although one would prefer it as the best option after going through all the answers to the question: what is payroll outsourcing and its purpose, which are positive and indicate its benefits, it has its disadvantages as well.

Cost of Payroll Outsourcing

Companies have to bear the high cost of hiring or outsourcing their payroll. Moreover, the fee for each company varies as agencies have to take a lot of factors into consideration, such as location, frequency of payroll, deduction in taxes, and more. 

Time Waste due to coordination failure

While working within a company, communication with the in-house team becomes more accessible and straightforward. Groups help each other communicate and stay on top of things. However, dealing with a third-party agency is difficult as it only facilitates accessible communication. Sometimes, agencies and their client companies need more time due to failure in coordination. 

Delay in paying the employees

Companies often opt for payroll outsourcing as they need accuracy in their finances and need to ensure their employees get paid on time. Any delay in payment can lead to employee dissatisfaction, which is the primary reason for productivity getting affected. One of the main reasons for delay is an error in managing finances, which occurs when there is a miscommunication between the agency and their client company. Therefore, the answer to the question, what is payroll outsourcing, prioritises timely payments. 


Some companies have software that makes it impossible for them to be compatible with the software of any other agency. With it comes the need to better the technology they use and make the platforms more friendly. This is what are the ways that hiding a third-party agency can cost a lot of money.



Top Payroll Outsourcing Companies


ADP Global 

Established in the USA, Automatic Data Processing, or ADP, is one of the significant payroll Outsourcing agencies. We made their appearance in India a few years ago. Providing services is quite simple as they take into consideration the number of employees and the Global standing of the company. This agency uses intelligent systems that facilitate easy compliance and payroll processing. If a company is looking for a Global payroll system, then it can be the ideal option for them. 



MME is also one of the better-known establishments and has proved its worth as a third-party payroll management agency. As they extend their services to several sectors, companies can opt for their services without any dilemma. The most important thing is that they cater to the needs of their clients and ensure that their clients stay satisfied at all times. Apart from providing payroll outsourcing, they also manage finances, calculate taxes, and more with precision and accuracy. Therefore, those companies who wish to unload their stress can do so with ease.


Zing HR 

Zing HR is one of the best companies for HR-related tasks, payroll management, and HCM solutions. Whether a company is big or small, this agency has many answers. Apart from that, what sets it apart is the availability of end-to-end HCM solutions, employee management, and more that makes it a one-stop solution for many. They are also ideal for companies expanding their base in India, Singapore, and Australia. However, a closer look at their packages reflects their efficiency in serving Enterprises better than smaller companies. 

HRM Thread

Companies can only sometimes look for expensive solutions. There are some companies, especially middle-sized ones, that seek packages and solutions that are relatively affordable. This is when agencies like HRM thread can come to aid. They offer a wide range of HRMS and payroll outsourcing services. Whether a company wants to opt for cloud-based HR solutions or in-house, they can avail it all from here. But amidst all of it, what sets them apart is the affordable packages they provide, which can be customised per the client’s needs. So when anyone asks what payroll outsourcing is, you can refer them to agencies such as the one mentioned here and give them a look into the services they offer, which can best exemplify payroll outsourcing. 

Easy Source 

Easy Source has existed for a few years now and, in that time, has established a name for itself in the market. Like any other service, it offers HSRK solutions, payroll management, tax calculation, and more. It has been widely recognised as one of the best and most accurate services available, spiking its demand in recent years. Clients have been showing an eagerness to avail of its services as it also offers them packages that are customisable per the needs of the client. No matter what kind of company it is, they have a perfect solution for each. They also make use of modern technology to offer better solutions at affordable rates. You might even find these agencies enlisted in the list of answers to the question: what is payroll outsourcing? 


Not every region or country is similar to one another. Considering these differences, QuikChex has come up with solutions that can cater to the payroll needs of the Indian territory. Years of experience matter a lot to companies when deciding upon the firm they want to choose, and this agency can have an edge as it has been in the industry for over 40 years. In this time, it has garnered over 1200+ clients all over the globe. This includes even multinational companies who want to expand their base and venture into new regions. It also has some perks that make it worthwhile, such as investment proof, verifications, and more. 


Since its emergence in the 2000s, it has been at the top of the list of service providers and has played a significant role in the progress and development of several big and small companies. As a payroll provider in India, it offers a wide range of solutions that cater to the needs of the Indian region. The agency has made remarkable strides in the payroll and accounting departments. When one asks the question, what is payroll outsourcing, enlisting this agency and the services it offers would not be wrong. What sets them apart from the many agencies available is that they have packages for even small and medium companies. It has become a haven for all the start-ups and small companies who need help to afford an in-house team. 

Excelity Global 

As the name suggests, this agency has a global presence and has over 400+ clients. With its services available in over 17 countries, it offers a wide range of packages that can cater to national and international needs. Apart from the essential payroll solutions it provides, there are also several added services, such as the Employee self-service portal, for employees to keep track of their pay slips. Therefore, it not only aims at making things simpler for the companies but also targets to provide the employees with a better experience. Apart from that, the distinguishing factor is that they have a very effortless and seamless integration system. This enables them to integrate with any HSRM used across the industry. 


OSource existed in 2004 and has established itself within the industry. This agency has given tough competition to even the more experienced agencies in the market. What has helped them reach the top of the list is the availability of impeccable HRO services. They have managed to grab the limelight with a series of services that include payroll management, employee lifecycle management, HR shared services, staffing, recruitment, risk and compliance management. Various other services are not enlisted here but have played a significant role in making it a preferable platform for many. People still questioning what payroll outsourcing is often seek help from its website to learn what the services include. 


Hinduja Global Solutions is known in almost every corner of the nation. Over the years, through its unaffected services and one-of-a-kind solutions, it has skyrocketed to the top. Apart from the payroll solutions, it also offers a wide range of customer experience solutions that make it a trustworthy platform. The agency does not deal with a single sector but has established its name in providing services in various sectors. It has also expanded into several other countries, which has widened its scope. 



How To Choose A Good Payroll Outsourcing Company?

It is evident that some people are unaware of payroll processing agencies and are asking questions like, what is payroll outsourcing? However, many need to be made aware of it and are trying to avail of its services to make their company progress further. The only problem that they may need help with along the way is deciding upon the services they want. Therefore, it is essential to look at a few aspects that can help determine which is a good payroll outsourcing company and what makes it so.


As stated above, any error on the part of the agency can lead to mismanagement of finances and taxes. It can even delay employee payment and leave them dissatisfied with the company, which can otherwise affect their productivity. Therefore, it is essential to choose Agencies that are accurate and provide finance reports with extreme precision and caution. Any discrepancy in it can also make the company face a lot of financial and legal troubles.

Customer reviews and references

Companies need to conduct a background check on any agency they want to opt for. They can begin doing so by taking into concentration all the customer reviews available online. It can give them a deeper look into what the agency offers and whether it can meet their needs. Apart from that, for further satisfaction, they can even contact clients in person and get their honest feedback. Using their input as references, they can proceed or refrain from opting for it. 

Customised Packages

One of the critical features of any good pair all Outsourcing company is that they must ensure to provide the clients with only the services they need. For example, several Agencies offer different kind of packages that include or excludes services based on the needs of their client. Any company that provides it can help you reduce the cost of hiring a third-party agency. Therefore, companies must look for agencies that offer such provisions and ensure the satisfaction of their clients above all. When you look for answers to the question: what is payroll outsourcing? You can find customer satisfaction at the top of the list. 


It would help if you looked for agencies that offer a group of experts in the same field related to the company. With expertise, they can provide a wholesome experience and aspire to take a firm to greater heights. Knowledge and experience can bring solutions to help them create better scope and opportunities. 

Therefore, the critical question is not what payroll outsourcing is but what is the best way to avail it. 

Best Practises For Payroll Outsourcing

Although the answer to payroll outsourcing is simple, what can better answer this question is what are the best practices for payroll Outsourcing? To ensure it, there are some ways that you can adopt.

Provided reputation and experience

Companies can only analyse whether the agency they are opting for is accurate and will not commit any mistakes in the future. But a company can ensure it by all the available reviews and analysing the reputation that the agency has already established in the market. The best way to do so is by considering the years they have been in service. 

Knowledge of taxes and regulations

Any good pair outsourcing company must have a functional knowledge of all the transforming taxes and regulations within a specific region. The question, what is payroll outsourcing enlists that each agency must prioritise acquiring knowledge about taxes and regulations. One of the most vital tasks that they are interested in is managing taxes and ensuring that the company stays compliant with all the tax and employment rules. As stated above, any error or discrepancy can lead to legal troubles. 

Take your time

Some companies start to rush into deciding who they want to be their service provider. Search rush cannot lead to mistakes and make them choose an agency that is not adequate for the purpose. Therefore, it is better to take time and analyse all the pros and cons before choosing one. Taking time will help you review all the reviews and references available and be almost sure of its efficiency. Before you select one, take a step back and ask yourself questions such as what payroll outsourcing is and whether you need it. 



What Is Payroll Outsourcing: The Bottom Line 

Finding the answer to the question of what payroll outsourcing is is very simple. But knowing the answer only is not enough. There are several aspects that one must consider if one wants to go for it. Although it has a straightforward function and can confer a wide range of benefits on its clients, it cannot guarantee a company’s progress and development. Various factors come into play. However, with the right payroll outsourcing services, a company can save itself from legal trouble. It can also help in keeping its employees satisfied and happy at all times. Therefore, even though it may not be instrumental in ensuring a company’s success, it plays a significant role in pushing a company further towards it. Thus, the answer to payroll outsourcing includes several aspects that must be considered and analysed to get a proper look at the services. 



Are payroll outsourcing services essential? 

In today’s day and age, companies must let go of tasks that require enormous time and effort. As the market is getting more competitive, the need to keep up with it has also arrived. Therefore, to ensure that companies stay caught up, they need experts on their teams. By opting for payroll outsourcing services, they can provide it and even save time, effort, and resources that can be used better.

What should one consider while outsourcing payroll?

There are several aspects that one must consider before outsourcing payroll management to a third party. Some of the essential factors include the following:

  • Number of years that a particular agency has been in service.
  • The field they have had experience in.
  • The industrial sectors they have catered to in the past.
  • The user testimonials and reviews are available online, and even the references are available.
  • Whether the agency provided customisable packages and can cater to the specific needs of the company.

What are the potential risks of outsourcing payroll to a third-party agency?

Every service in today’s market has its pros and cons. While choosing one, it is as essential to analyse the risks as it is to assess the benefits. Therefore, some of the dangers of outsourcing payroll are as follows:

  • It is choosing an agency that makes extraordinary claims but needs to walk the talk. If you choose an inexperienced one, it can further deteriorate the state of your company as it would fail to reach the solutions suitable for your specific needs and industrial standards.
  • When switching to a third-party agency, it is essential to transfer all the data relevant to payroll outsourcing. When companies fail to do so, or the Agencies fail to integrate with the client, it can create a gap.
  • As payroll services take over, it can become difficult for companies to stay connected with their employees. They might experience a sense of loss of control. One of the main reasons for this is the need for more communication.

What comes after outsourcing payroll management?

When companies opt for payroll Outsourcing, they share all the data with a third party and agree with it. After the commencement of the agreement, the agency takes over all payroll management responsibilities, such as managing taxes, giving out pay stubs, etc. 

What are the questions to ask a payroll provider before selecting one?

It is essential to get a thorough analysis of the services before you land upon one. This includes getting an elaborate background check of the agency and going through reviews. It is also essential to ask them a few questions, such as the following:

  • What are the services they offer?
  • Do they understand the needs of your industry?
  • What is the type of technology they are using?
  • What is the cost of their services?
  • Are the services they offer safe and secure?