What are the new norms in Saudi Arabia for Indian engineers?

Over the past many years Indian engineers have been the first choice of Saudi employers. The Indian engineers have exhibited their strength at engineering skills in and outside India thus making every Indian proud. Ad-Dosary, Chairman, Department of City and Regional Planning said Indian engineers excel when it comes to quality work and project knowledge. It is because of their attitude towards work and ethics. They are highly focused on their work and growth and do not get swayed by politics. They have been and they will be the preferred choice for Saudi employers.

The Indian Engineers Forum (IEF) is striving to work in rhythm with various engineering forums in Saudi Arabia as well as other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. There are certain new norms for Indian engineers for working in Saudi Arabia. According to ‘Nitaqat Law’, implemented by the Saudi Arabian government, the 10% of jobs in small and medium scale companies are reserved for locals thus, improving the employment scenario within the country. It also says that any new engineers coming to work in Saudi Arabia should register himself/ herself with the Saudi Council of engineers. This is a mandate for the issue and renewal of their iqamas (a primary document or proof for residency in Saudi Arabia).

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